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Definitions and meanings of "Squawkers"

What do we mean by squawkers?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word squawkers. Define squawkers, squawkers synonyms, squawkers pronunciation, squawkers translation, English dictionary definition of squawkers.

When one jerks themselves off with someone elses leg Urban Dictionary

A sexual move when all four fingers are inserted in a females butt. This is usually said as a joke when refering to the shocker and the spocker. Urban Dictionary

A bird that is mistakenly taken for a caterpillar or worm Urban Dictionary

It’s a rare green bird also mistakenly taken as a caterpillar or worm. Urban Dictionary

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The word "squawkers" in example sentences

The cost of a seven-day, unlimited-ride MetroCard just hit $29, and the online squawkers are predictably upset that the threatened fare hike has become a reality, calling it "abusive" and "ridiculous." ❋ Anne Kadet (2011)

The White House and Reid could easily have made it clear to obstreperous Democratic Senators that squawking to the Villagers would lose them perquisites of office and keep the squawkers out of the “charmed circle” (e.g., no Lieberman at events involving Israel). ❋ Unknown (2010)

The other point I think the squawkers are confusedly flapping around without actually expressing is the difference between a company and a sole trader. ❋ Alix Mortimer (2010)

Time, perhaps, just to do their jobs and ignore the squawkers. ❋ Jennifer Rubin (2010)

Few of its activities play out on the front pages of newspapers or in the headlines blaring from squawkers on cable television. ❋ Eric J.Weiner (2010)

So in the long run the yolk will be on the shock squawkers over this one. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This speech was to swing voters and Republicans, and they were always with Barack more than the handful of mindless, Quisling squawkers among us. ❋ Unknown (2009)

That these very same squawkers repeatedly choose to ignore the facts that their much-vaunted science provides them in favor of politically-correct propaganda is telling. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And then, of course, the baby crow starts to squawk, which sets the parents squawking and then the neighbors squawking and then the squawks attract more squawkers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

On Fox News you see the veins popping out of the foreheads and necks of their squawkers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

None of the commentators on Meet the Press were willing to go there, but the squawkers on the Internet and talk radio tend to be far less polite. ❋ Hogan, Michael (2008)

There are game calls named raccoon squallers and coyote howlers and duck squawkers. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Turkey Calling Champs: Top squawkers do late-night television ❋ Dave Hurteau (2006)

Turkey Calling Champs: Top squawkers do late-night television | Field & Stream ❋ Dave Hurteau (2006)

Religions go through periods of schisms and consolidations; evangelicalism seems to be showing some cracks lately, as ambitious squawkers seek to emerge from the pack and grab the big broadcasting-empire prize money for themselves, and as struggles for political influence lead to the emphasis of divisions that would have seemed smaller in a less competitive era. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Be advised, asking after squawkers like this supposed "Victoria" is frowned upon by the Panel of Registration and Authorization and may considerably delay your approval into the Community of Commenters. ❋ Ann Althouse (2007)

Hey, Sean, Karl and I know where there's a nest of squawkers, you wanta have a look? or Let's go and catch frogs, and Garrick would cut in desperately. ❋ Smith, Wilbur (1964)

At any rate, he made his forty to fifty thousand a year -- and on days when he had a succession of the noisy, tuneless squawkers, he felt that he more than earned every cent of it. ❋ Unknown (1911)

i [squawker'd] on jimboes [thigh] [last night] dude ❋ Miss Squawker (2010)

"Although the squawker can be painful, [the pleasure] recieved is [worth it]" - [Jenny] ❋ Salchite (2005)

Him: wow! What kind of [caterpillar] is that? Her: it’s actually [a bird] called the [mega squawker 2000] ❋ Such Swanky (2018)

Wow what kind of [caterpillar] is it? Oh it’s actually [a bird] called the [mega squawker 2000] ❋ Such Swanky (2018)

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