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Definitions of "stance"

  • The attitude or position of a standing person or animal, especially the position assumed by an athlete preparatory to action. See Synonyms at posture. noun
  • Mental posture; point of view: "Peru ... has also toughened its stance toward foreign investors” ( Abraham F. Lowenthal). noun
  • The manner, posture, or pose in which one stands. noun
  • One’s opinion or point of view. noun
  • A station; a position; a site. noun
  • A stanza. noun
  • A stanza. noun
  • A station; a position; a site. noun
  • The position of a player's feet, relative to each other and to the ball, when he is making a stroke or at bat. noun
  • the mental attitude, position, or approach a person adopts in respect to something. noun
  • To station; place.
  • A station; a site; an area for building; a position; a stand. noun
  • Space; gap; distance. noun
  • A stave or stanza. noun
  • In golf, the position of a player's feet, in addressing the ball. noun
  • standing posture noun
  • a rationalized mental attitude noun

The word "stance" in example sentences

But then again, her stance is also easy to understand since Repaublicans hate Americans, they hate America, and only want power so they can continue to piss away all our resources. republican communism is worse. [Palin calls for Obama to boycott climate change conference]

Your stance is an absolute, no room for negotiation, ever, period.. [Obama Administration Looks To Reinstate Assault-Weapons Ban]

I think your stance is the one the typical liberal claims to take.. [Which Religion Does Obama Choose To Honor? « Tai-Chi Policy]

I seems like his stance is the same, he has just tinkered a bit with the numbers and specifics.. [Obama Pulls Back on Social Security Plan - The Caucus Blog -]

The bottom line her stance is the stance of the majority of Democratic leadership in this country.. [Sound Politics: Darcy Burner Wants More Rights for Terrorists]

The key to her stance is her conviction that no utterance can inaugurate an exchange in which it could ensure a return on its speculation: What pledge would guarantee you for me if/I were so generously to set you free?. [Tragedy and the War of the Aesthetic]

Why am I not surprised that an Obama aide is accepting of an anti-military stance from a college admin?. [Obama aide defends Kagan over DADT, military recruiting]

So the Republican party's stance is that if he not run as a Republican, he wait for another race to run in?. [National Republicans preparing to back Rubio]

So the GOP stance is to support bankers over voters?. [Wall Street reform: Senate is ready]

I'm going to be a little bit of a whiner here and say in regards to the poll - I don't think my stance is really reflected.. [Poll Results!]

The conservative stance is almost as communistic as they claim President Obama 's speech would be socialistic.. [Duncan: 'Silly' to keep kids home to avoid Obama speech]

Sarah should visit the 3 families in Pittsburgh who just lost their mothers and children to a gun-toting nut. see how her pro-gun stance is received there.. [Start spreading the news: Palin in New York]

But the stance is grounded in opportunism, not principle.. [Wonk Room » Ignagni: Government Role In Health Care Is Fine…As Long As It’s For Supporting Health Insurance Industry]

If you agree with BHO, whose stance is generically we cannot "interfere in the internal affairs of other countries", then logic dictates we must also stay out of the Israel/Palestine issue.. [Congress overwhelmingly approves Iran resolutions]

Well, in my opinion, President Obama stance is correct.. [Police group: Obama should apologize]

That stance is shared by McDonnell, the man he is campaigning with in Virginia today.. [Haley Barbour's big week sparks 2012 chatter]

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TurkishStance English to Turkish Translate
i. duruş; tutum; golfta topu çelerken bacakların aldığı vaziyet.i. duruş; tutum; golfta topu çelerken bacakların aldığı vaziyet.

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