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A stand-in for film and television is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting and camera setup. Stand-ins are helpful in the initial processes of film and television production. Stand-ins allow the director of photography to light the set and the camera department to light and focus scenes while the actors are absent. The director will often ask stand-ins to deliver the scene dialogue ("lines") and walk through ("blocking") the scenes to be filmed. Stand-ins are distinguished from body doubles, who replace actors on camera from behind, in makeup, or during dangerous stunts. Stand-ins do not appear on camera. However, on some productions the jobs of stand-in and double may be done by the same person. In rare cases, a stand-in will appear on screen, sometimes as an in-joke. For instance, the actress who pretends to be Ann Darrow in the stage show during the final act of King Kong (2005) is played by Naomi Watts' stand-in, Julia Walshaw. Stand-ins do not necessarily look like the actor, but they must have the same skin tone, hair color, height and build as the actor so that the lighting in a scene will be set up correctly. For example, if the lighting is set up with a stand-in shorter than an actor, the actor might end up having his or her head in relative darkness. Stand-ins are also used for animated characters in a live-action film, sometimes with life-size character models, so that the animators know where to place their animation and how to make them move realistically, and for actors to know where to look. In these cases, skin tone and hair color are not so important. Height and build, however, are still important for any interactions between live-action and animated characters. Some celebrities mandate that they will always have the same stand-in. Famous cases include Pluma Noisom (stand-in for Claudette Colbert), Harry Cornbleth (Fred Astaire) and Adam Bryant (Robin Williams). When Bette Davis walked out on her Warner Bros. contract, she negotiated for her regular stand-in, Sally Sage, to continue to work at the studio..

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Definitions of "stand-in"

  • One who substitutes for an actor while the lights and camera are adjusted or during hazardous action. noun
  • A substitute. noun
  • A person of similar size and shape to an actor that "stands-in" for the actor during the lengthy process of setting up a shot, who, unlike a double, does not appear in the film. noun
  • A substitute noun
  • someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult) noun

The word "stand-in" in example sentences

A campaign run by the always-chingón Applied Research Center publishers of the even-more-chingón magazine, Colorlines is seeking that everyone stop using the term "illegal" outright, or at the least resort to using the awkward I-word stand-in.. [Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN!: "Illegals" and The "N-Word"]

It is often positively correlated with the standard of living, though its use as a stand-in for measuring the standard of living has come under increasing criticism and many countries are actively exploring alternative measures to GDP for that purpose.. [Think Progress » Study predicts $1.5 trillion increase in GDP if undocumented immigrants are legalized.]

Phillips highlights what I attempted to do around the controversy of what Harman said in her time as stand-in PM.. [The EHRC paint a depressing picture of the true nature of gender inequality in the City… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…]

Indeed, there seemed to be no shortage of volunteers and stand-in aunts and uncles willing to look after the baby.. [Star Trek: Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony]

The film is using Pittsburgh as a stand-in for Gotham, and the a game featuring city's fictional football team plays into the storyline.. [Pittsburgh Steelers In 'The Dark Knight Rises': Ben Roethlisberger, Teammates In Batman Movie]

It was important to me that Sarah not be a flawless authorial stand-in.. [Jodi Compton Answers Questions About Her First Book, The 37th Hour]

The Belgians were playing under their stand-in coach, Pierre Denier, after Frank Vercauteren quit following last week's first leg.. [Mario Gómez eases Bayern Munich to the Champions League group stage]

The manager could not contain his fury at Probert's decision to dismiss Johan Djourou in the 78th minute and he accused Fulham's players of attempting to get the stand-in right-back his second yellow card.. [Arsenal's Arsène Wenger rages at referee after Fulham defeat]

Darren Bent hopes he can continue to "audition" for the role as Wayne Rooney's stand-in at next summer's European Championship in Poland and Ukraine.. [Darren Bent vying for suspended Wayne Rooney's Euro 2012 spot]

Nathan Drake, descendant of Sir Francis Drake, 21st-century Indiana Jones stand-in and likable chap, his equally disarming mentor Sully, their antagonists and the girls that pursue Nathan, are a charming and well-drawn set of characters.. [This week's new games]

Jan Mucha, their Slovakian stand-in, was at fault for both Chelsea goals as André Villas-Boas's team survived a third red card in two matches to advance into the quarter-finals.. [Everton 1-2 Chelsea | Carling Cup fourth-round match report]

Truman acts as a kind of audience stand-in, asking Joanna all of the questions we wish we were able to ask.. [Cynthia Ellis: Tribeca Film Interview: Griffin Dunne's Dinner Last Night with Keira Knightley]

Gloucestershire's hopes depended on their stand-in skipper, Williamson, who had made 50 from 42 deliveries when he was ninth out to Sean Ervine in the penultimate over.. [Shahid Afridi shows Hampshire what he can do with five-wicket blitz]

As The Ghost, McGregor is the stand-in for the audience, drawn in over his head and struggling to figure out the high stakes world of political intrigue.. [Movie Review: The Ghost Writer » Scene-Stealers]

When someone decides to spend their year-end bonus on a couple of Aston Martins, a boat and their very own movie, you can be sure of 2 things: they're going to hit on the lead actress' stand-in every day you let them on set and they're going to end up with an Executive Producer credit.. [Rick Schwartz: An Insider's Guide to Movie Credits]

Easy: one term has centuries of nasty history behind it involving slavery, race, lynching and all other sorts of nastiness, while illegal as a stand-in for "Mexican" only dates back to the 1950s--the earliest reference I could find to illegals being used as a noun to refer to undocumented Mexicans is a 1951 Los Angeles Times story quoting a government official about the Mexican waves then invading California.. [Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN!: "Illegals" and The "N-Word"]

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TurkishStand In English to Turkish Translate
i. nüfuz, slang piston; dublör.i. nüfuz, slang piston; dublör.

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Dean Elgar named stand-in captain for Johannesburg Test


@SuperJymy: #GAMEDAY! Our road in the Hunt Wave League starts in 20 minutes! 12:00 CET / 13:00 EET SuperJymy vs. @3DMAXGaming Map: Inf…


Dean Elgar has been appointed stand-in captain for the third and final Test against Pakistan.

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Noah Centineo & Riverdale’s Camila Mendes new movie The Stand-In
Noah Centineo & Riverdale’s Camila Mendes new movie The Stand-In
Noah Centineo, George Hamilton, Kendall Sanders in SWIPED
Noah Centineo, George Hamilton, Kendall Sanders in SWIPED

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