Character 8
Hyphenation stand ard
Pronunciations /ˈstændəd/

Definitions and meanings of "Standard"

What do we mean by standard?

Serving as or conforming to an established or accepted measurement or value. adjective

Widely recognized or employed as a model of authority or excellence. adjective

Acceptable but of less than top quality. adjective

Normal, familiar, or usual. adjective

Commonly used or supplied. adjective

Conforming to models or norms of usage admired by educated speakers and writers. adjective

An acknowledged measure of comparison for quantitative or qualitative value; a criterion. synonym: ideal. noun

An object that under specified conditions defines, represents, or records the magnitude of a unit. noun

The commodity or commodities used to back a monetary system. noun

The set proportion by weight of gold or silver to alloy metal prescribed for use in coinage. noun

A degree or level of requirement, excellence, or attainment. noun

Something, such as a practice or a product, that is widely recognized or employed, especially because of its excellence. noun

A set of specifications that are adopted within an industry to allow compatibility between products. noun

A requirement of moral conduct. noun

A flag, banner, or ensign, especially. noun

The ensign of a chief of state, nation, or city. noun

A long, tapering flag bearing heraldic devices distinctive of a person or corporation. noun

A principle or example or measure used for comparison.

A vertical pole with something at its apex.

A manual transmission vehicle.

The upper petal or banner of a papilionaceous corolla.

An inverted knee timber placed upon the deck instead of beneath it, with its vertical branch turned upward from that which lies horizontally.

A large drinking cup.

Standard idiom, a prestigious or standardized language variety; standard language

A word to describe something which goes without saying. Urban Dictionary

Assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been. Urban Dictionary

A word that is used in many parts of the UK specifically manchester, it is used usually as a response to something good, or used like the word 'fit' to describe an attractive person, also it can be used to describe something good like a football match score or computer game Urban Dictionary

Another name for a manual transmission cars. Back when automatic first came out, all the cars had manual transmissions and automatic was optional, so cars came standard with a manual transmission. Urban Dictionary

When people wear a blank t shirt, shorts, high socks, and classic vans. Urban Dictionary

Standard is short for 'Standard Operating Procedure'. It is abbreviated as standard or simply STD. This is the standard reply given to general statements made that are more than obvious or typical. Urban Dictionary

Word used by the sub-culture for anything they feel like, basically a new, stroppier version of 'cool'...only used by total plebs that lack the ability to speak their own language due to peer pressure. anti-cultural metaphor that when uttered, perfectly exemplifies the devolution of its exponents, who in contrast see themselves as the avant garde. Urban Dictionary

Another term for "end of story", "period", "full stop" Urban Dictionary

Los angeles language for chill or cool. Urban Dictionary

Standard - something accepted. - Word for something blatently shit, unwanted or stupid. - Adjective to describing opposite sex who is remotely hot. Urban Dictionary

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The word "standard" in example sentences

To meet the demand for a final and standard truth, a demand which realism meets with its doctrine of a being independent of any mind, this philosophy defines a _standard mind_. ❋ Ralph Barton Perry (1916)

25·025 British inches, either of these numbers makes the Sacred Cubit nearly half a British inch longer than his avowed standard of length -- an overwhelming difference in any question relating to a _standard_ measure. ❋ James Young Simpson (1840)

This little-known ECMA standard is short for "ECMAscript for XML". ❋ Unknown (2005)

You said "Any attempt to raise up a standard is always attacked." ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Smart Grid and mobile backhaul networks need a key timing standard to work over Ethernet and IP – and ensuring that equipment meets the standard is the focus of a group formed today. ❋ Jeff Caruso (2010)

Any attempt to raise up a standard is always attacked. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Much was made of high what we call standard capacity mags with respect to the Virginia Tech massacre but I noted reports indicating he shot 170 rounds and had 17 magazines. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Kathleen Sebelius back on the job after what she calls standard skin cancer surgery. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A Bush administration spokesman says too much has been made over what he calls standard I.T. issues. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This is due to better diet, less dangerous jobs, improved sanitation and hygiene, improved access to health care, and the entire range of factors that contribute to what we call our standard of living. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The best way of achieving this standard is a strong neighborhood school. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"If this standard is applied, we will go through every book in the system." ❋ Unknown (2006)

Jay Lefkowitz, a former general counsel at the Office of Management and Budget under the Bush administration, said, "Product-liability lawsuits challenge FDA sovereignty, undercut having one label standard, increase costs and render drugs much less safe." ❋ Unknown (2008)

To suggest that that's the standard is absurd generally, and in a time of war would be simply bizarre. ❋ Unknown (2005)

We were passing lots of people riding bicycles; what I call the standard third world machines, with no gears but sturdy and with a headlight and twin bells. ❋ Ewan McGregor (2007)

It's important to learn what the standard is at your local consulate before applying. ❋ Unknown (2003)

LICHTENFELD: Well, it's my opinion and it's the opinion of many others who were at the conference that this is going to change what we call the standard of care, how doctors treat patients. ❋ Unknown (2005)

"[whas] [gwanin], u [cotchin] at leons tonight?" "course, u bringin some herb?" "standard" ❋ Roxxor (2004)

[rob]: did you bring a girl back to your room last night? me: yeah, [dawg]. rob: did you get her [in bed]? me: standard ❋ Mark (2003)

john: 'hey look at her' [james'] standard !!!' or jason ' omfg [we won] the game' [aja] ' standard mate' ❋ Fuckinstandard (2011)

That [honda civic] is a standard [transmission]. ❋ Marcus Taylor (2006)

[dude] [that guy] is so standard. ❋ Theboss376 (2010)

Jr: Good lord.. Look over at [Chi Chi], total [friggen] [steak pillow] time. Bagels: standard.. STD.. ❋ 1337c0d3d00d (2013)

[pleb] 1:[check it]. pleb 2:standard, bruv pleb 1:naaahhhhbruv, on dat next [ting] pleb 3:euiiiiiiihhhhh!!! all three:STANDARD!!!HAHIHIHIAHAHAHIHIHII!!!!!! etc... ❋ Bloch (2012)

"[imma] get me [sum] dick tonight. [STANDARD]" ❋ Lina (2003)

This [party] is [hella] standard. Those [slores] are standard. ❋ Katie Kresl (2010)

Guy: Shes [well fit] Guy 2: Meh, she's standardGirl: Fell over last night and [hit my head]. Standard ¬.¬ Replacement word for cursing, moaning [groaning] and bitchiness. ❋ StandardRedHead (2011)

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