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Definitions of "stare"

  • To look directly and fixedly, often with a wide-eyed gaze. See Synonyms at gaze. verb-intransitive
  • To be conspicuous; stand out. verb-intransitive
  • To stand on end; bristle, as hair or feathers. verb-intransitive
  • To look at directly and fixedly: stared him in the eyes. verb-transitive
  • An intent gaze. noun
  • stare down To cause to waver or give in by or as if by staring. phrasal-verb
  • stare (one) in the face To be plainly visible or obvious; force itself on (one's) attention: The money on the table was staring her in the face. idiom
  • stare (one) in the face To be obvious though initially overlooked: The explanation had been staring him in the face all along. idiom
  • stare (one) in the face To be imminent or unavoidable: Bankruptcy now stares us in the face. idiom
  • To look fixedly (at something). verb
  • A persistent gaze. noun
  • The starling. noun
  • The act of staring; a fixed look with eyes wide open. noun
  • To look with fixed eyes wide open, as through fear, wonder, surprise, impudence, etc.; to fasten an earnest and prolonged gaze on some object. verb-intransitive
  • To be very conspicuous on account of size, prominence, color, or brilliancy. verb-intransitive
  • To stand out; to project; to bristle. verb-intransitive
  • To look earnestly at; to gaze at. verb-transitive
  • To gaze steadily with the eyes wide open; fasten an earnest and continued look on some object; gaze, as in admiration, wonder, surprise, stupidity, horror, fright, impudence, etc.
  • To stand out stiffly, as hair; be prominent; be stiff; stand on end; bristle.

The word "stare" in example sentences

Because then that bald spokesguy with the BIG VOICE!! and unblinking stare is on my TV every bloody commercial break.. [I hate it when The Brick has a sale]

Do you think your disapproving stare is calming my baby?. [Last Time I Checked, Babies Were People Too - Her Bad Mother]

Giant eyes stare from the roofs of tin shanties in Brazil.. [TED 2011 winner: JR is a street artist papering the world with his photographs]

"Shut up, Mulligan!" was Bert Rhine's command, in receipt of which he received a venomous stare from the cripple.. [CHAPTER XLII]

One hulking sweet potato weighed in at 4 pounds on its own, drawing an admiring stare from the first lady.. [First Lady Hosts Students For White House Fall Harvest]

In other words, all five either disagree with my view on stare decisis or have made the tactical judgment to capitalize on the fact that * other* folks, at least sometimes, will feel obliged to follow * this* precedent, out of some kind of a belief in stare decisis.. [Balkinization]

That aside, Professor Paulsen's post fails to recognize that there is value in stare decisis from a litigants 'perspective.. [Balkinization]

I hope that my baleful "You're an ass" stare is as good as my friend says it is.. [The Assmen Cometh]

The action scenes were well done and they had a digital age feel as the destructive power of Medusa's stare is replicated in the ever-prevalent security cameras and webcams.. [REVIEW: Best Short Novels: 2005 edited by Jonathan Strahan]

Even Scalia has been critical of Thomas for this; as he recently told Thomas's biographer, Ken Foskett, Thomas "does not believe in stare decisis, period.". [Rehnquist the Great?]

Those who believe in stare decisis as an important aspect of constitutional law are far less likely to view themselves as champions of a “constitution in exile” than those who do not, because over time they are likely to accept, as established law, decisions with which they might have disagreed when initially rendered.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Cass Sunstein Responds to “Constitution in Exile” Post:]

The issues in stare decises of the 14th Amendment, however, makes this line of "privacy" malleable, inconsistent, and difficult since a new morality is determined by fiat rather than legislative democratic consensus.. [Roberts and privacy]

Pettitte's menacing stare is the face of the New York Yankees since they resurfaced at the top of the baseball world in 1996.. [ - Pettitte keeps his focus]

So we're going to hear a discussion once again about that term stare decisis and whether he follows legal precedence or not.. [CNN Transcript Dec 28, 2005]

The first building we saw on the waterside was one of those huge hotels, all stucco and pinnacles, which stare from the English coast like idiots staring over an asylum wall.. [Down and Out in Paris and London]

Receiving only a defiant stare from the Italian he groaned and spat noisily on the floor by way of a dignified transition back into taciturnity.. [The Beautiful and Damned]

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