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A star is type of astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun. Many other stars are visible to the naked eye from Earth during the night, appearing as a multitude of fixed luminous points in the sky due to their immense distance from Earth. Historically, the most prominent stars were grouped into constellations and asterisms, the brightest of which gained proper names. Astronomers have assembled star catalogues that identify the known stars and provide standardized stellar designations. However, most of the stars in the Universe, including all stars outside our galaxy, the Milky Way, are invisible to the naked eye from Earth. Indeed, most are invisible from Earth even through the most powerful telescopes. For at least a portion of its life, a star shines due to thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in its core, releasing energy that traverses the star's interior and then radiates into outer space. Almost all naturally occurring elements heavier than helium are created by stellar nucleosynthesis during the star's lifetime, and for some stars by supernova nucleosynthesis when it explodes. Near the end of its life, a star can also contain degenerate matter. Astronomers can determine the mass, age, metallicity (chemical composition), and many other properties of a star by observing its motion through space, its luminosity, and spectrum respectively. The total mass of a star is the main factor that determines its evolution and eventual fate. Other characteristics of a star, including diameter and temperature, change over its life, while the star's environment affects its rotation and movement. A plot of the temperature of many stars against their luminosities produces a plot known as a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram (H–R diagram). Plotting a particular star on that diagram allows the age and evolutionary state of that star to be determined. A star's life begins with the gravitational collapse of a gaseous nebula of material composed primarily of hydrogen, along with helium and trace amounts of heavier elements. When the stellar core is sufficiently dense, hydrogen becomes steadily converted into helium through nuclear fusion, releasing energy in the process. The remainder of the star's interior carries energy away from the core through a combination of radiative and convective heat transfer processes. The star's internal pressure prevents it from collapsing further under its own gravity. A star with mass greater than 0.4 times the Sun's will expand to become a red giant when the hydrogen fuel in its core is exhausted. In some cases, it will fuse heavier elements at the core or in shells around the core. As the star expands it throws a part of its mass, enriched with those heavier elements, into the interstellar environment, to be recycled later as new stars. Meanwhile, the core becomes a stellar remnant: a white dwarf, a neutron star, or if it is sufficiently massive a black hole. Binary and multi-star systems consist of two or more stars that are gravitationally bound and generally move around each other in stable orbits. When two such stars have a relatively close orbit, their gravitational interaction can have a significant impact on their evolution. Stars can form part of a much larger gravitationally bound structure, such as a star cluster or a galaxy..

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Definitions of "stars"

  • Plural form of star. noun
  • Outer space. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of star. verb

The word "stars" in example sentences

More striking to the general observer than the ordinary variable stars are the _temporary stars_ which on rare occasions suddenly make their appearance in the heavens.. [The Story of the Heavens]

What I am now engaged on is the monograph of the _principal_ Southern Nebulæ, the object of which is to put on record every ascertainable particular of their actual appearance and the stars visible in them, so as to satisfy future observers whether _new stars_ have appeared, or changes taken place in the nebulosity.. [Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville]

Alan, in response to Ted's question, the stars in galaxies * give off light* and nebulae are illuminated by the * light of millions/billions of stars*.. [Cosmic Log]

Gidleigh Park, the west of England restaurant where chef Michael Caines holds two Michelin stars, is the U. K.'s finest, beating the Fat Duck, in a .... [The U.K.'s 100 Best Restaurants]

Gidleigh Park, the west of England restaurant where chef Michael Caines holds two Michelin stars, is the U.K.. [The U.K.'s 100 Best Restaurants]

Gidleigh Park, the west of England restaurant where chef Michael Caines holds two Michelin stars, is the U. K.'s finest, beating the Fat Duck, in a new ranking of the Top 100 establishments, published today.. [The U.K.'s 100 Best Restaurants]

And here's the thing about Hollywood: while the name stars get a lot of attention, the reality is that line workers in the television industry, from the people working the cameras to those delivering the food, are part of one of the last union town bastions.. [Nathan Newman: How the Googlization of Television Will Destroy High Wage, Union Hollywood]

Experimental measurements of the cross section of hundreds of nuclear reactions and their conversion into stellar reaction rates are essential if nucleosynthesis in stars is to be quantitatively confirmed.. [William A. Fowler - Autobiography]

The title stars a hardened man named Shank who's executing a blood-soaked revenge mission in a stylized, 2D, comic book-like world where big guns, blades, and other body-shredding weaponry dissect baddies.. [AppScout]

Donatella Botti respectively, the title stars actresses Monica Bellucci and Ksenia Rappoport and the soundtrack is composed by. [Cineuropa]

(Oh, and one of the stars is a vampire of color, too.) -- Diana Laurence, author of "How to Catch and Keep a Vampire" (www. [Wampyr Wuv]

Aiming for the stars is a noble thought but it worried me slightly.. [Emotional Thump by Louise Pymer]

I replied, "No one knows how the earth, the sun, and all the worlds which we call stars came to be; but I will tell you how wise men have tried to account for their origin, and to interpret the great and mysterious forces of nature.". [The Story of My Life]

"My disciples I You ask me what force attracts the celestial beings of the Heavens, which we call stars, and why some of them rise so high they are lost in mist, and others float more heavily toward the sky, and remain far behind their sisters?". [An Obscure Apostle A Dramatic Story]

Those mighty worlds and suns above your head, which you call stars, how do you know that they are not as much more glorious and precious in God's sight than you are, as they are larger and more beautiful than you are?. [Sermons for the Times]

Intermezzo Films, the title stars Céline Bolomey, Gabriel Bonnefoy, François Nadin, Frédéric Landenberger and Lucie Zelger.. []

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