Definitions and meanings of "Start"

What do we mean by start?

To begin a movement, activity, or undertaking. intransitive verb

To move on the initial part of a journey. intransitive verb

To have a beginning; commence. intransitive verb

To come quickly into view, life, or activity; spring forth. intransitive verb

To have as an initial part or job. intransitive verb

To move one's body or a part of it suddenly or involuntarily. intransitive verb

To be in the initial lineup of a game or race. intransitive verb

To protrude or bulge. intransitive verb

To become loosened or disengaged. intransitive verb

To take the first step in doing: synonym: begin. intransitive verb

To cause to come into being; make happen or originate. intransitive verb

To set into motion, operation, or activity. intransitive verb

To begin to attend. intransitive verb

To cause (someone) to have an initial position or role. intransitive verb

To play in the initial lineup of (a game). intransitive verb

To put (a player) into the initial lineup of a game. intransitive verb

The beginning of an activity.

A sudden involuntary movement.

The beginning point of a race, a board game, etc.

An appearance in a sports game, horserace, etc., from the beginning of the event.

A young plant germinated in a pot to be transplanted later.

An initial advantage over somebody else; a head start.

That little button in the bottom left of the screen  Urban Dictionary

1.) To begin, to intice. 2.) Used to begin fights, races, sexual intercourse.... you know, it's used to begin just about anything.  Urban Dictionary

To begin  Urban Dictionary

Stoned, brain fart  Urban Dictionary

N. an approach, a conversation starter, and/or a beginning to a new friendship.  Urban Dictionary

An ironic phrase used to describe one's reaction when events go terribly wrong. Typically used as a roast.  Urban Dictionary

A polictically-correct way to say the word "retarded," a la the Black Eyed Peas song "Let's Get It Started."  Urban Dictionary

To begin an argument; saying something you know will lead to a fight  Urban Dictionary

Politically correct term for 'shit has started' or 'she started' ...otherwise known as a rant from the wife/girlfriend. Generally a good time to take the dog for a walk or go fishing.  Urban Dictionary

Using mildly provocative verbal jocularity with the intention of kicking off some ultimately violent behaviour or pagger  Urban Dictionary

The word "start" in example sentences

How to use start in a sentence? Example sentences with the start, a sentence example for start, and how to make start in sample sentence, how do I use the word start in a sentence? How do you spell start in a sentence?

There need be no waste of time in Morocco, even as there is no convention: having decided to start -- _start_. ❋ Isabel Savory (N/A)

~DL the file "WINDOWS JOURNAL VIEWER 1.5" it might start to DL the file itself but if not then select the ’start download’ link ❋ Unknown (2004)

Knowing that look at the start if ($start = $total_posts) $start = ($start ❋ Unknown (2010)

Prices at the label start at $590 for a blouse and go up to $20,000 for an embroidered gown. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I say, even because most of the lists of diagnostic criteria for the label start with superficially charming. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Only half a day left and all my exams for the term start .. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Click here to begin]. ❋ D-block (2003)

3....2....1....[START]! [Umm], don't [you mean] "Go?" ❋ Manawski (2003)

- I met this girl who is [out of this world]. I can't think of anything but how much I'd like to [be with] her. - when do you think you'll [start seeing] each other? - hopefully not too long from now ❋ Youretoogoodtobetrue (2020)

I shouldn't have [hit that] [bong]. I got a [serious] start! ❋ AdamKENNY311 (2009)

Boy: "I think you look beautiful tonight... your [dress] is amazing... I'm really diggin' your [style]..." Girl: "[I like] your start." ❋ Ilikeyourstart (2010)

Friend 1: [Oh fuck], she [screenshotted] my dick [pic] Everyone else: oh, that's a start ❋ Old Baby (2017)

Tom: Oh man, Jim, I was heading to school today and I saw a BUNCH of retarded kids walking to their special school. Teacher: Thomas Joseph [Wilkins]! You know not to use such language in the classroom! Tom: Sorry, Mrs. [Peterson]. What happened was I saw a bunch of it started kids on the way to school. They were so it started that I went up and stole a bunch of money from each of them and they didn't even notice, and then I pushed one of them over, laughed at him, and yelled "get out of the way, [it start]!" Teacher: That's much better Thomas. ❋ Nicholas D (2005)

Girlfriend: [we don't] [spend] enough time together Boyfriend: don't [start] ❋ Crcro (2011)

Contact with a mate using the code words "it started ". Example Frank texts or calls Barry using the phrase "it started '"... which alerts his mate to come visit him for a coffee to help break the tension or to [facilitate] [Franks] escape from the home ie suggested [fishing trip] ❋ Avidnosleeper (2019)

A; "Are you enjoyin' [yer] [toastie]?" B"Are you [fecking] starting on me?!" ❋ Davidharris (2005)

What does start mean?

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