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The word "statable" in example sentences

When I find statable rules of expertise with which it seems good to agree, I will apply them myself to determine who is and is not expert, in what way, and to what extent–if, indeed, expertise can be in any way partial. huh? ❋ Unknown (2008)

When I find statable rules of expertise with which it seems good to agree, I will apply them myself to determine who is and is not expert, in what way, and to what extent – if, indeed, expertise can be in any way partial. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Mozart's thinking results in something playable, not statable; ❋ Tanney, Julia (2007)

For all these reasons, and for others less easily and briefly statable, I find the early morning to be my most ghostly time. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Properly formulated, it was a semantic principle concerning Ln that was statable only in its meta-language Ln+1. ❋ Uebel, Thomas (2006)

However, in a second-order language, in which quantification over all properties (not just those for which the language contains predicates) is possible and Leibniz's Law is therefore statable, identity can be uniquely characterised. ❋ Noonan, Harold (2006)

Later in the nineteenth century, such a statement would have carried the implication that there exists a statable method for excluding acci - dent, or that the proof of common descent lies in the performance, in detail, of a consistent reconstruction. ❋ HENRY M. HOENIGSWALD (1968)

States in the absence of a federal question, on the basis of no statable constitutional principle, but through the grace of what Justice ❋ Edward Samuel Corwin (1920)

Such grounds, for rationalism, must consist of four things: (1) definitely statable abstract principles; (2) definite facts of sensation; (3) definite hypotheses based on such facts; and (4) definite inferences logically drawn. ❋ Unknown (1902)

It is the one statable revelation of truth which he is ready to stake his all upon. ❋ John Jay Chapman (1897)

Our democratic problem thus is statable in ultra-simple terms: Who are the kind of men from whom our majorities shall take their cue? ❋ William James (1876)

Doesn't common sense believe that every state of facts must in the nature of things be truly statable in some kind of a proposition, even tho in point of fact the proposition should never be propounded by a living soul? ❋ William James (1876)

(published in 1976 and reprinted in Strawson 1997) Strawson proposed being quite strict, limiting the phrase ˜criterion of identity™ to cases where there either is an explicitly statable necessary and sufficient condition that does not use the identity relation, or one where the identity relation is only applied to constitutent parts of the objects. ❋ Grandy, Richard E. (2007)

What qualifies an undertaking as one of pondering or, not very differently, as one of discussing, is not any catalogue of simple qualities and simple relations, whether rude or refined, but some nexus of statable because statement-shaped conditions. (1979b, ❋ Tanney, Julia (2007)

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