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Hyphenation state
Pronunciations /steɪt/

Definitions and meanings of "State"

What do we mean by state?

A condition or mode of being, as with regard to circumstances. noun

A condition of being in a stage or form, as of structure, growth, or development. noun

A mental or emotional condition. noun

A condition of excitement or distress. noun

Social position or rank. noun

The condition of a physical system with regard to phase, form, composition, or structure. noun

Ceremony; pomp. noun

The supreme public power within a sovereign political entity. noun

The sphere of supreme civil power within a given polity. noun

A specific kind of government. noun

A body politic, especially one constituting a nation. noun

One of the more or less internally autonomous territorial and political units composing a federation under a sovereign government. noun

Of or relating to a body politic or to an internally autonomous territorial or political unit constituting a federation under one government. adjective

Owned and operated by a state. adjective

To set forth in words; declare. transitive verb


In biology: Figuratively, a community of colonial organisms, such as a hive of bees. A state, in which the bond of union is not organic but social, is contrasted by Haeckel with a cormus or cormidium, such as a siphonophore, in which the bond of union is organic. noun

An aggregation of cells which exhibits centralization, interdependence, divergent specialization, and division of labor. noun

A condition; a set of circumstances applying at any given time.

High social standing or circumstance.

A polity.

(stochastic processes) An element of the range of the random variables that define a random process.

(grammar) The lexical aspect (aktionsart) of verbs or predicates that do not change over time.

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The word "state" in example sentences

Thus, state laws first had to be a valid substantive exercise of the state¡¦s police power before it was incorporated into Webb-Kenyon and could be applied to interstate shipments of liquor. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Instead, the initial law that the state sought to enforce against interstate commerce must itself be an externally valid exercise of the state¡¦s police power. ❋ Unknown (2004)

COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: And it also gave me the opportunity, as secretary of state, to thank him and to thank the Canadian people and the Canadian government, especially the prime minister for all the solid support that Canada has given to the United States in the days since the 11th of September. ❋ Unknown (2001)

* Thus, in "The state was made, under the pretence of serving it, in reality the prize of their contention to each of these opposite parties," it is unpleasantly doubtful whether the writer means (1) _state_ or (2) _parties_ to be emphatic. ❋ Edwin A. Abbott (N/A)

It may seem a paradox that the same colour should be at once so durable and so fugitive, but we may briefly explain it by saying _when vitreous pigments are reduced to that extreme state of division which the palette requires, they lose the properties they possess in a less finely divided state_. ❋ George Field (N/A)

There is also a printer to the state, or _state printer_, whose business it is to print the journal, bills, reports, and other papers and documents of the two houses of the legislature, and all the laws passed at each session. ❋ Andrew W. Young (N/A)

In bestowing the sovereignty on the King of Prussia, care was taken that he should confirm all the doubtful privileges of the people; for it is a fundamental maxim of this little state, "_that the sovereignty resides not in the person of the prince, but in the state_". ❋ Richard Boyle Bernard (N/A)

Pharaoh's counsellor_, under all the circumstances, proves him a friend to absolute slavery, as a form of government better adapted to the state of the world at that time, than the one which existed in Egypt; for certain it is, that he peaceably effected a change in the fundamental law, by which a _state, condition, or relation_, between Pharaoh and the ❋ E. N. [Editor] Elliott (N/A)

Every state in history was or is a _state of classes_, a polity of superior and inferior social groups, based upon distinctions either of rank or of property. ❋ Robert Ezra Park (1926)

You would write _State of New York_ in a legal document in which the state would be considered as a corporate person, but in ordinary references it would be _state of New York_. ❋ Unknown (1900)

At the right moment, some bright genius proposed that the national government should by executive order create a "_forest_ reserve," and then that the legislature of Minnesota should pass an act providing that every national forest of that state should also be regarded as a _state game preserve_! ❋ William Temple Hornaday (1895)

Moreover, as though sardonically to complicate all these much-mingled matters, there thrust up to the northward, out of the permitted slavery region of the South, the state of Missouri, quite above the fateful line of thirty-six degrees, thirty minutes, where slavery was permitted both by _federal_ and _state_ enactment. ❋ Emerson Hough (1890)

This state is called by divines the _state of integrity_. ❋ Joseph Rickaby (1888)

We must, therefore, acknowledge those who define it as _a state of consciousness_ to be right, but it would be more correct to call it the _consciousness of a state_, and it is with regard to the nature of this state that the question presents itself. ❋ Alfred Binet (1884)

The governor claimed the right, as chief officer of the state, of receiving and welcoming in person the expected guest at the entrance to the capital; while the selectmen said, "You should have met him at the boundary of the _state_; but when he is about to enter the _town_, it is the right of the municipal authorities to receive him." ❋ Benson John Lossing (1852)

He has got a state on his stage, which is ceasing to be a _state_ at the moment in which he shows it to us; a state which has the war principle -- the principle of conquest within no longer working in it insidiously as government, but developed as war; for it has just overstepped the endurable point in its mastery. ❋ Delia Bacon (1835)

They endured much privation, toil, and danger; their families also were in a state of suffering, to whose relief they were anxious to return _after the enemy had left the state_. ❋ Various (1821)

I speak on a supposition that there is a disposition _to take the state in the condition in which it is found_, and to improve it _in that state_ to the best advantage. ❋ Edmund Burke (1763)

Greatly enhance healthcare delivery in the state by connecting many of the state¡ ¦ s hospitals and clinics to each other and to remote diagnostic imaging, lab and health services. ❋ Benton Foundation (2010)

In plain English: "Insert the values $zip, $city, and $state into the columns id, city, and state in the char_zipcode table." ❋ Bravo77 (2009)

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