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Given that every right-angled triangle is infinitely divisible into two triangles of it own type (by dropping a perpendicular from the right-angle vertex to the hypotenuse, the resulting two smaller right triangles are both similar to the original triangle) the equilateral or square faces of the solids and thus the stereometric solids themselves have no minimal size. ❋ Zeyl, Donald (2009)

It was found that synthetic sugars with three and nine carbon atoms are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast as readily as grape sugar which contains six carbon atoms, but that, after slight modification in the stereometric configuration of the molecule, the latter is completely unaffected by the same enzyme. ❋ Unknown (1966)

In the case of the compounds under discussion Fischer succeeded in determining fully not only the way in which the atoms are bound in the atomic complexes, the molecules, but also the position of the atoms relative to one another or, in other words, the stereometric configuration of the molecules. ❋ Unknown (1966)

But also on this point later researches have acknowledged him to be in the right, and nowadays also other genetic scientists admit that the theory of the localization of the hereditary factors within the chromosomes is not an abstract way of thinking but corresponds to a stereometric reality. ❋ Unknown (1934)

The researchers used stereometric digital photogrammetry and computer vision techniques to reconstruct the 3D positions and 3D velocities of the individual birds in the flock from the consecutive shots of the flock, which were taken at 10 frames per second. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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