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What does the word sternly mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word sternly in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with sternly and anagrams of sternly.

Definitions of "sternly"

  • In a stern manner. adverb
  • In a stern manner. adverb
  • In a stern manner; with severity, harshness, austerity, or rigor.
  • with sternness; in a severe manner adverb

The word "sternly" in example sentences

Glancing at Juan, she saw the troubled darkness of his eyes as he gazed at the hollow, his expression sternly sober.. [Touch the Wind]

"Also," said Tish, cutting in sternly, "you took away my revolver, and left us helpless last night, and in peril of wild beasts.". [Tish]

He did not appear to fairly understand it until he was shown the chest with the ventilated lid; then his countenance cleared, and, taking the unhappy Billy by the collar, he called sternly for a piece of rope.. [Many Cargoes]

Then she called sternly to her straying imagination.. [Life at High Tide]

I made a quick comment of reprimand (merely saying his name sternly), and his instant, reflexive reaction was to say. [Rate Your Students]

Then the messenger of the Vikings stood on the bank, he called sternly, uttered words, boastfully speaking the seafarers’ message to the earl, as he stood on the shore.. [The Early Middle Ages 500-1000]

Face it, she told herself sternly, that is a closed chapter.. [A Different Light]

Orchard Street and nothing more, he reminded himself sternly, that is not so very bad.. [The Blackstone Key]

"And with the extinction of that breath, Kirkpatrick," cried Wallace, looking sternly from the head to him, "let your fell revenge perish also.. [The Scottish Chiefs]

"I think Lilith" she emphasized the name sternly "is staying on Campus actually.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

"You know the difference between Dutch and English quite well," answered the captain sternly.. [This Country of Ours: The Story of the United States]

Mr. Butefish called sternly for, "One more couple this way!". [The Fighting Shepherdess]

Helm stood by the gun with a lighted taper and called sternly upon the invaders to halt.. [The Old Northwest : A chronicle of the Ohio Valley and beyond]

Or if it did occur to me I put the idea sternly from me, for. [One Third Off]

He lit his pipe and fell to pacing the room with long strides, his eyes bent on the floor with an expression sternly reflective.. [John Thorndyke's Cases related by Christopher Jervis and edited by R. Austin Freeman]

Soon he had as many sticks as he could carry, and he was starting for home when a voice called sternly, "Put those sticks down.". [The Book of Nature Myths]

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Bby is taking me to an animal shelter today (bc I keep sending her puppy vids smh) and she sternly said WE ARE NOT…


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@funder @VinnieMDiaz1 @realDonaldTrump Here’s the thing. You can’t stare down someone when you’re on your knees in…

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Meaning of Sternly
Meaning of Sternly
Sternly Meaning
Sternly Meaning
save 5 goal penalty with his face & win - Scott Sterling vs football Funny
save 5 goal penalty with his face & win - Scott Sterling vs football Funny

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Sternly Word Data

  • PronunciationsS T ER1 N L IY0
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation stern ly


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