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Definitions of "stewed"

  • Cooked by stewing: stewed prunes. adjective
  • Informal Intoxicated; drunk. adjective
  • Having been cooked by slowly boiling or simmering. See stew. adjective
  • Intoxicated by an excess of alcohol. adjective
  • Bitter from having been steeped too long. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of stew. verb
  • Lodged in or belonging to the stews.
  • cooked in hot water adjective

The word "stewed" in example sentences

Actually I thought it were very similar to what we call stewed (with milk) macaroni's here in Sweden.. [Lifecruiser]

When we look back on our lives we probably see it in this way, episodes of note and in between an aggregate memory of undistinguished days: dinners, breakfasts, showers, sleep., sprinkles of cuteness from Penni's two very young and gorgeous daughters One of them calls stewed apples 'stupid apples.'. [The WritingYA Weblog: The One Shot World Tour: Best Read With Vegemite!]

So he stewed, which is something that he has done plenty of since the beginning of the summer.. [The Guardian World News]

He got "stewed" in them Chicago-Springfield style.. [Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Obama: Reagan Changed Direction Of Country In Way Bill Clinton Didn't]

On the table was a sufficient provision of a kind of stewed beef and brown bread, in pewter dishes, which are kept perfectly bright, and displayed on shelves in great order and regularity when they are not in use.. [Sketches by Boz]

Since then he has, I imagine, "stewed" over the issue of a unilateral declaration of independence.. [Defending Our Rights and Freedoms]

When turned out, pour round it any kind of stewed or preserved fruits, or a sauce of milk and sugar.. [Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889]

The liberal use of these cooked vegetables has a tendency to prevent constipation, and some of them are called laxative foods, such as stewed onions and spinach.. [Maintaining Health Formerly Health and Efficiency]

Partly bake, then fill with any kind of stewed fruit, and finish baking.. [Dr. Allinson's cookery book Comprising many valuable vegetarian recipes]

If this dish had been rightfully called stewed pig’s tails with beef and peas, I would have never waited 33 years to try it!. [Jamaican Dutchy’s Stew Peas Is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten From A Cart | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan]

Beneath the cheese cloth, which Bobby had seen lifted, were receptacles containing the staples and condiments, such as stewed fruit, sugar, salt, pepper, catsup, molasses and the like.. [The Adventures of Bobby Orde]

The bath we did not succeed in getting; but we had an excellent luncheon: omelette, fried fish, some kind of stewed meat and a bottle of red wine.. [Our Casualty, and Other Stories 1918]

Northeast China is home to several regional specialties that are indispensable to the feast, such as stewed chicken with mushroom, and sour pickled cabbage with white liquor.. [My Sinchew -]

"I kind of stewed on that a bit and chopped up some more wood.". []

- some kind of stewed fruit (I recommend rhubarb or quince) - milk.. [Perfect Rainy-day Porridge]

"stewed" in Opposition, never once flinching in their commitment and determination to advance the interest of Barbadians.. [Barbados Underground]

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@BeingSalmanKhan she can not wait to live out her fantasies with you. Even the favorite men she let them stew in th…


@YOUNGHUGGER: everything i need for stewed oxtails and cabbage (with bacon) for less than $25


curious attic fan makes you stewed


@Loso_N: Jollof rice, dodo and gizzard, coleslaw , Suya meat/ friend and stewed meat. A love story ❤️


Stewed ox tails with Haitian rice and peas.

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