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Definitions and meanings of "Stir Fry"

What do we mean by stir fry?

To fry quickly in a small amount of oil over high heat while stirring continuously. transitive verb

Food fried quickly in this manner. noun

To fry something quickly in hot oil whilst constantly stirring; especially in a wok or similar pan verb

Food cooked in this manner. noun

Food cooked in this manner.

An eastern food, usu. comprised of noodles, meat and vegetables. Urban Dictionary

The act of making out without ever getting to the point of exchanging bodily fluids. Urban Dictionary

When u take molly and ketamine at the same time and forget how to act Urban Dictionary

Cooking a meal with vegetables, meat and sometimes noodles. Asian tradition or cooking dope. Urban Dictionary

The song that the migos made (on YouTube + more) Urban Dictionary

A song by (Migos) that is not easily understood but has a nice vibe and is enjoyable. Urban Dictionary

The act of taking two chopsticks and inserting them into a girl's vagina, and then moving them around as if to stir veggies on a wok. Urban Dictionary

Great/and or Amazing Urban Dictionary

The act of eating pills and drinking way to much alcohol, then digging through someones togo stir fry in the fridge and eating it. then moving it all around so the owner of the stir fry can not tell that any way eaten, while being way to fucked up to remember any of it. Urban Dictionary

The act of vomiting on a mans penis, and using the vomit as a lubricant for a hand job. Urban Dictionary

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The word "stir-fry" in example sentences

While paging through her newest work, Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge which won a coveted James Beard award, I read: "While the term 'stir-fry' is now part of the American culinary vocabulary, the art of stir-frying remains misunderstood." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Regular tofu is dense and solid and holds up well in stir-fry dishes, soups, or on the grill. ❋ Keri Gans (2011)

Brown or stir-fry pork in a generous amount of fat, with the garlic and pepper, if you are using it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I can cook a whole bunch, refrigerate and/or freeze them (depending on whether I am traveling), and reheat in the form of vegetable stir-fry, add homemade tomato sauce from my organic garden, sauté, and top with a fried farm egg. ❋ Maria Rodale (2010)

My first dish was a basic beef and vegetable stir-fry with shrimps. ❋ Unknown (2009)

At the Fairmont Copley Plaza, for example, diabetics can enjoy steamed cod and organic brown rice; vegans are offered exotic mushroom stir-fry with tofu and Wakame Seaweed Salad; gluten-free dieters have the option of a roasted beet salad and grilled salmon entree. ❋ Melanie Nayer (2011)

Even if you're making like a stir-fry, for example, the chicken should be cooked first if you're using one dish, she said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Many people stir-fry as a way to incorporate vegetables and meat together in the same dish, but keep in mind that oil is fat, which means extra calories—even if you use olive oil. ❋ M.D. James Beckerman (2011)

For example, stir-fry a small amount of steak with carrots, onions, water chestnuts, and bell peppers, and you get all the flavor with a fraction of the fat. ❋ Keri Gans (2011)

Think raw bars, sushi bars, carving stations, stir-fry stations, or pasta stations. ❋ David Tutera (2011)

These Garlic Scapes made a fantastic stir-fry with Chicken and oyster sauce. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Personally, I just find it cool to imagine a giant herbivorous dinosaur, something the length of an airliner, chowing down on a field of onions … and crying the same tears I do when I slice them for a stir-fry. ❋ Ewillett (2010)

• Use tofu instead of chicken in a stir-fry with lots of veggies. ❋ Keri Gans (2011)

Staff and students at the University of Massachusetts celebrated the start of the new semester on Monday by making the world's largest stir-fry. ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2011)

Try brown rice with your stir-fry, or whole-wheat spaghetti with your favorite pasta sauce. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Damn] that was some [good] stir-fry! ❋ SterFry (2003)

I had [to break] up with that [biatch] because she was all stir-fry [no action]! ❋ Eff Knutt (2005)

Those fucken spunions kept us up all night with all their stir [frying] shenanigans... *[nitrous] tank noises followed by giggling* Fucking [wooks] man ❋ Onperiodtluv (2021)

“Hey I’m about to make some [stir fry], [come over] to [my place] if you want some.” ❋ Metropolisinmymigosvoice (2021)

Person 1: "that song [stir fry] [is lit]!" Person 2: "[Yeah I know] right!" ❋ (2018)

girl: have you listened to stir fry? guy: yeah, i like the song, [i just can't] [rap it] because [i cannot] understand them! ❋ Blah_.blah_.blum_. (2018)

Girl 1: [Agh], my [cooche] still hurts from last night. Girl 2: Why? Girl 1: My boyfriend experimented [stir fry] on me last night. ❋ Banjo007 (2010)

"[My head] will [explode] it [i eat] stir fry" ❋ Dacadac (2008)

[Big cat] ate so many [ambien] and drank so much liquor that she did not remember stir [frying] last night. ❋ The Poop Noodler (2010)

I went out Janet last, thing got [pretty hot] and heavy. She ended up giving me a Seattle Stir-fry in the back of her [1996] [Ford Taurus]. ❋ Rpm04wrx (2014)

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