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What does the word stocked mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word stocked in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with stocked and anagrams of stocked.

Definitions of "stocked"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of stock. verb
  • furnished with more than enough adjective

The word "stocked" in example sentences

Excellent idea! beekeeper, "tupperware stocked" is funny stuff.. [Do-It-Yourself Recoil Reducer]

One thing I always, always forget to keep well stocked is pens and decent paper.. [Archive 2010-05-01]

Guys around here apparently use the floating stuff above a sinker in stocked ponds However, Gulp is good for the one saltwater trip I take each year to the Outerbanks of NC.. [Gulp! Gulping?]

Trout magnets and berkley gulp worms on a trout magnet hook are good for stocked trout, also pins minnows work good in stocked streams as well.. [what is the best lure for trout. I like panther martins but i want to give something else a shot?]

If at least a handful of series are stocked from the beginning, or the books are structured as stand-alones in shared environments (Discworld, Newford, etc), or the books have multiple "jumping on" points (like The Malazan Book of the Fallen, The Company), then the chances are greatly increased that our hypothetical new reader might find something that they like, and keep coming back for more.. [MIND MELD: Science Fiction Series]

In the mid-1960s, Abercrombie & Fitch (back when it really was A&F) imported a set of five Holland & Holland shotguns, .410 bore through 12 gauge, stocked from the same tree and housed in a rosewood gun cabinet lined with bleached Scottish deerskin.. [Why Big-Dollar Guns Are Worth The Money]

How ignorant is it for me to rant about my inability to find a great parking space at the fully stocked from the comfort of my fully loaded Saturn.. [‘Cause sequels are… New and Improved!** | Her Bad Mother]

The book approval process that NPS requires combined with the Park Service Review criterion of accuracy in materials offered for sale in park bookstores means that every anti-science title stocked and sold in park bookstores sends the clear message that NPS approves of the content as an accurate account of its subject matter.. [Dry Rot, Not Arson: National Park Service and Science - The Panda's Thumb]

The cellar was generously stocked from the school farm – Miss Sallie's contribution – with potatoes and cabbages and carrots and onions, enough to make. [Just Patty]

The titles stocked are unexpectedly wide-ranging, but the best part will have to be how the back issues are really not that old, averaging at around 3 months old.. []

You’ve probably heard that keeping your refrigerator and freezer fully stocked is a simple way to keep them running efficiently.. [Last Week’s Best Posts | Lifehacker Australia]

If you go strictly by Diamond's profit and loss statements, their current move of raising the minimum order for titles stocked is righteous and logical.. [Comic Book Resources]

If it merely reduces bulk inventory but creates or perpetuates titles stocked, is this merely shifting the cost from bulk to range?. [Brave New World]

One room, only about 1000 book titles stocked and a viable way to find out what's new, what's popular and what's potentially interesting without being overwhelmed.. [All About Symbian - News]

The legal-tender notes, when "stocked" preparatory to their equal division, amounted to. [Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 12, No. 33, December, 1873]

The passion for gambling was raging, and to pander thereto were collected as choice a lot of desperadoes as ever "stocked" cards or loaded dice.. [Stories by American Authors, Volume 6]

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