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    Given that we know that history of Elgin saving the marbles, and can trace back the political climate within which that sale took place, that alone places the discussion in a different area from the more general "stonehenge" DNA situation.. [The Elgin Marbles and the Parthenon]

    and I'm pissed off, I was going to do the "stonehenge" comparison, but you beat me to it. [The Obama stage set at Invesco Field: "a miniature Greek temple."]

    Suppose someone thought stonehenge was a natural geological formation.. [After thoughts on Barr]

    If, however, by a "design inference", he were to conclude that stonehenge was man-made, it would no longer fall to natural science to explain it.. [After thoughts on Barr]

    Thus I agree with President Clinton forgo trying to deice a stonehenge block of artic ice.. [Clinton's advice to Obama: Forget about Republicans]

    Stars Hill Harper, Misha Collins, and Peter Wingfield. i'm scared already. stonehenge APOCALYPSE y'all!!!!! also includes torri higginson. and, zomg, nimet kanji!. [ugh. a syfy (barf) movie i might have to watch. no really.]

    This is not my backyard, but as a side note, my brother-in-law built a stonehenge in his backyard before he moved.. [In Gordath Wood: Writer Patrice Sarath » My backyard…and not my backyard]

    It would remain, like some high-tech stonehenge the size of Connecticut for eons.. [Why we need nuclear power.]

    (Also, Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Moon.) stonehenge also liked Carnival. allekto liked Blood & Iron. so did asciikitty.. [five random things make a post.]

    You might as well sacrifice virgins at stonehenge in order to ensure a bountiful crop season.. [Lots of It Going Around]

    A. what constitutes rightful ownership of such public works - lets assume that the majority of Englishmen today are largely of Saxon origin I know there are arguments back and forth about this do they have a 'right' to stonehenge, when in all likelihood they actually drove the people out who created it?. [The Elgin Marbles and the Parthenon]

    I always just assumed it was Xenu and Ron L Hubbard that created stonehenge.. [GLADIATOR OF STONEHENGE FLICKS]

    The difficulty arises when you start with the “anything” and then rifle through the usual suspects pyramids, stonehenge, Atlantis etc looking for the “proof”.. [The lure of the crank]

    But their broadband access is pretty cheap when you get a compatible phone; but of the few phones they sell they are expensive and are cutting edge in stonehenge terms.. [Internet in Kharkov « My Life in Kharkov]

    That actually looks really nice with the grass grown all around it, like a geeky stonehenge. vanMould. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Big QWERTY keyboard monument.]

    The contact is Randall Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge dot com.. [How to make money with free software...]

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    @hernamesdespair: Pamiętam historię, jak jakiś koleś położył na podłodze w galerii sztuki swoje okulary i obserwował reakcję bamboozled…


    @EverRotating: 4 #vintage Midwinter Stonehenge cup & saucers 🛒 #followvintage #midwinter


    4 #vintage Midwinter Stonehenge cup & saucers 🛒 #followvintage #midwinter


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    ⚡️ ¿Resuelven el misterio de Stonehenge? Un estudio revela quiénes fueron sus ‘autores intelectuales’

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