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Definitions of "store"

  • A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop. noun
  • A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel's store of acorns. noun
  • Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms. noun
  • A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse. noun
  • A great quantity or number; an abundance. noun
  • To reserve or put away for future use. verb-transitive
  • To fill, supply, or stock. verb-transitive
  • To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping. verb-transitive
  • Computer Science To copy (data) into memory or onto a storage device, such as a hard disk. verb-transitive
  • in store Forthcoming: great trouble in store for her. idiom
  • in store In reserve; stored. idiom
  • A place where items may be accumulated or routinely kept. noun
  • A supply held in storage. noun
  • A place where items may be purchased. noun
  • Memory. noun
  • A large amount of information retained in one's memory. noun
  • To keep (something) while not in use, generally in a place meant for that purpose. verb
  • Write (something) into memory or registers. verb
  • To remain in good condition while stored. verb

The word "store" in example sentences

Aniwae there's a Comic Connection store at Bedok Central quite happy ~ I was wandering around there wif Derrick when we stumbled onto the store~. [whiteplum Diary Entry]

Sandy: Um ... how about that store * Points to a store across from them* Angie: * Looks at the store* Bill's Fabulous Tools Shop?. [ - Articles related to UK retailers ease fears of double-dip recession]

Sypheria Nemeth of the store 'Catbutts' * giggles cause she really loves the name of that store* is hosting a Mystery Cupcake hunt and I am honored that she sent me an invite!. [World of SL]

* psn store* tab (gen users may now have this option) and click * sign in with EXISTING account* and fill out your info, when you are done it will ask you if you want to connect to the psn store, say no .. it will fail anyways.. [QJ.NET]

Either way, the Louboutin store is awash with disciples.. [Does the Shoe Fit? Finding the Perfect Flat]

They'll let you try them out in store (the store is definitely big enough) to see which one works best for you.. [i need a range finder. where would i get one at.]

No doubt there are similar delights in store from the Italians, French, and all points East and West.. [December 2007]

At this point you are outta luck, because the chain store is unlikely to have any book except the latest, and if by pure luck they did have the previous book, you can be sure they won't have the first one in the series.. [How do bookstores survive?]

The Virgin store is very close to NYU, and being directly across from Union Square Park it was a perfect location.. [NY Virgin store DRM demo]

A single local store is superior to a single chain store, because the profits from that store are remaining in the area.. [Albemarle Approves Hollymead Town Center at]

The chain store is just as inevitable as the railroad was to the stage coach, or the traction system and automobile was to the railroad interest.. [The Business Outlook for 1923]

By using this technique the term store is available on the target.. [Site Home]

The term store and enter replaces 'simultaneous archiving'.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

This store is a national treasure in Mexico and would be in the States as well.. [From My Cold, Dead Hands]

In direct sales, the books are non-returnable, so the sale to the store is the sale.. [As suddenly as the Gunslinger arrives, he leaves | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

Beyond that, I don't know what's in store, which is how I like when dealing with the Hellboy universe.. [A dead hero, four divas and a crusty sailor walk into a comic shop … | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

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  • Pronunciations(stôr, stōr)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation store


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