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Definitions of "streamlike"

  • Resembling a stream or some aspect of one. adjective

The word "streamlike" in example sentences

Which had become more streamlike and less fordlike during previous flash floods this fall.. [From Twitter 11-28-2009]

This section of the Umfuli was usually streamlike and picturesque.. [Rainbow’s End]

The wind swept by both sides of the streamlike cabin with a rushing sound like the distant roar of a huge cataract; the flexible window glass gave slightly to its pressure, but there was no sign of it breaking.. [Around the World in Ten Days]

There was no sign of the dead; but when the invisible streams on the sand flats found their way beneath the ice, it rose and sank in streamlike lines.. [Paras. 1–99]

No sound was heard but the splashing of the strange waves all around them, and the streamlike gurgle of the current, which threaded its way smoothly through the tossing, tumultuous sea.. [A Voyage to Arcturus]

Come night, when the party was due to return, she would spry up, trick herself out in something squashy, with the fashionable streamlike effect and a pretty pair of hammock stockings with white slippers, and become an animated porch wren.. [Ma Pettengill]

And so the most important of "the streamlike windings of the glorious street" was in part determined by a corrupt bargain between "a vile Whig" (as Hearne calls this hated Provost) and a complaisant mayor.. [The Charm of Oxford]

Facebook refers to its own content presentation as a “stream”; Twitter’s is clearly streamlike; but both are random and chaotic, as well, and both must be seen as elements of the raw material level of the content cascade — bits and pieces that will be rejoined downstream in blog and wiki formats.. [The content cascade: How content will flow in digital news enterprises » Nieman Journalism Lab]

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