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Strigolactones are a group of chemical compounds produced by a plant's roots. Due to their mechanism of action, these molecules have been classified as plant hormones or phytohormones. So far, strigolactones have been identified to be responsible for three different physiological processes: First, they promote the germination of parasitic organisms that grow in the host plant's roots, such as Striga lutea and other plants of the genus Striga. Second, strigolactones are fundamental for the recognition of the plant by symbiotic fungi, especially arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, because they establish a mutualistic association with these plants, and provide phosphate and other soil nutrients. Third, strigolactones have been identified as branching inhibition hormones in plants; when present, these compounds prevent excess bud growing in stem terminals, stopping the branching mechanism in plants. Strigolactones comprise a diverse group, but they all have core common chemical structure, as shown in the image to the right. The structure is based on a tricyclic lactone linked to a hydroxymethyl butenolide; the former is represented in the figure as the A-B-C part, while the latter is the D part of the molecule. It is important to note that most strigolactones present variations in the ABC part, but the D ring is quite constant across the different species, which led researchers to suspect that the biological activity relies on this part of the molecule. Different studies have demonstrated that the activity of the molecules is lost when the C-D section of the molecules is modified.Since strigolactones are involved in the signaling pathway required for germination of parasitic species (such as Striga sp.), they have been a proposed target to control plagues and overgrowth of these parasitic organism. Using a molecule similar to strigolactones could be the key to designing a chemical and biological mechanism to stop the colonization of avplant's root by parasitic plants..

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Definitions of "strigolactone"

  • Any of a family of terpenoid lactones that stimulate germination in parasitic plants of the genus Striga, and that inhibit shoot branching noun

The word "strigolactone" in example sentences

The most striking feature of Striga is that its seeds germinate only when they recognize the presence of the compound called strigolactone, which is secreted from the roots of host plants.. [innovations-report]

Shinjiro Yamaguchi, team leader of the Cellular Growth and Development Research Team at the RIKEN Plant Science Center, has recently clarified that strigolactone, which is also known for its role in attracting mycorrhizal fungi, is in fact a plant hormone that inhibits shoot branching.. [innovations-report]

When strigolactone was administered to mutant plants, Yamaguchi was able to verify that the excess shoot branching observed in the D17 - and D10-deficient mutant plants returned to normal, while the D3-deficient mutant plants were unaffected.. [innovations-report]

He found that almost no strigolactone was produced in D17 - or D10-deficient mutant plants, whereas large amounts of strigolactone were produced in D3-deficient mutant plants.. [innovations-report]

A research team at Osaka Prefecture University recently solved this mystery when they clarified that strigolactone attracts mycorrhizal fungi.. [innovations-report]

Studies on mutant plants provide insights into the role of strigolactone, a plant hormone that inhibits shoot branching and attracts both beneficial symbionts and damaging root parasites. [innovations-report]

"Many researchers have been searching for plants like the D10-deficient mutants that do not produce strigolactone, because these plants cannot be parasitized by Striga.". [innovations-report]

The 2005 paper showed that strigolactone is produced from carotenoids, much like the branching-inhibiting hormone that Yamaguchi was looking for, which is produced when carotenoids are cleaved by CCD.. [innovations-report]

"There is now no doubt that strigolactone is a branching-inhibiting hormone.". [innovations-report]

The secretion of strigolactone has been known for 40 years, but the question of how strigolactone is produced had remained a mystery.. [innovations-report]

"Mycorrhizal fungi develop a symbiotic relationship with the host plant, and the host plant actively secretes strigolactone to attract the beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.". [innovations-report]

Now, a new hormone, strigolactone, is joining the group.. [innovations-report]

If the soil contains Striga seed, it will use the released strigolactone as a cue to germinate and infect the crop plants.. [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

Arabidopsis to screen 10,000 compounds and identify a set of five chemicals, designated cotylimides, which increase the accumulation of strigolactone in plants.. [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

They also found related chemicals that decrease strigolactone levels.. [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

When crops grow, their roots release a plant hormone called strigolactone.. [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

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@MklNicolas: From apical dominance to carpic dominance with a touch of strigolactone evolution, thanks @ThisSunOfYork for this nice and…


From apical dominance to carpic dominance with a touch of strigolactone evolution, thanks @ThisSunOfYork for this n…

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