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Definitions of "string"

  • A cord usually made of fiber, used for fastening, tying, or lacing. noun
  • Something configured as a long, thin line: limp strings of hair. noun
  • A plant fiber. noun
  • A set of objects threaded together: a string of beads. noun
  • A series of similar or related acts, events, or items arranged or falling in or as if in a line. See Synonyms at series. noun
  • Computer Science A set of consecutive characters. noun
  • Informal A set of animals, especially racehorses, belonging to a single owner; a stable. noun
  • Informal A scattered group of businesses under a single ownership or management: a string of boutiques. noun
  • Sports A group of players ranked according to ability within a team: He made the second string. noun
  • Music A cord stretched on an instrument and struck, plucked, or bowed to produce tones. noun
  • Music The section of a band or orchestra composed of stringed instruments. noun
  • Music Stringed instruments or their players considered as a group. noun
  • Architecture A stringboard. noun
  • Architecture A stringcourse. noun
  • Games The balk line in billiards. noun
  • Sports A complete game consisting of ten frames in bowling. noun
  • Informal A limiting or hidden condition. Often used in the plural: a gift with no strings attached. noun
  • To fit or furnish with strings or a string: string a guitar. verb-transitive
  • To thread on a string. verb-transitive

The word "string" in example sentences

   "You have made a continuous circle," said the cat. aoc power leveling "Does any point along the string appear to be different, worse or better than any other part of the string?". [Wii-volution]

How to let awk consider a string by double quota as one field? for example: echo "first \" second is a string\ "" | awk '{print $2}'. []

Запись данных • int fwrite (resource $handle, string $string [, int $length]) 3 мая. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

When a text file includes carriage return (\r\n) and when I search for a string in the file .. the code terminates and with found flag as below code foreach ($lines as $line_num = > $line): if (strpos ($string, $line) = = = false):. []

InnerXml; private string DecryptString (string _string) _string =. [ASP.NET Forums]

Position = 0; private string EncryptString (string _string). [ASP.NET Forums]

/* metadata. h * /const std:: string& DatabaseMetaData:: getDatabaseProductName (); std:: string DatabaseMetaData:: getDatabaseProductVersion (); const std:: string& DatabaseMetaData:: getDriverName (); const std:: string& DatabaseMetaData:: getDriverVersion ();. [Latest Developer Updates from MySQL AB]

Even if some day string theory is substituted by any other NEW theory (probably will be called ’string theory’), that theory will be not a theory of everything, just a theory of some basic properties of simple matter.. [A Particle Physicist’s Perspective]

ToString 'method is overridden to return the value of this string member. sealed class DerivedEventArgs: EventArgs {string _string; public DerivedEventArgs (. [The Code Project Latest Articles]

The code for EventGenerator is here: string _string; public EventGenerator (string s) {_string = s;} ~EventGenerator () {. [The Code Project Latest Articles]

But because we know much more about the theory, we also know that the term string theory is not the most accurate description we could have.. [The Reference Frame]

Inlay. set_image () that would cause the title string to be hidden when a not-scaled background image was used;. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

Learn to build a bird trap a live bird on a string is the best for a wily Bobcat.. [would i do much good seting a live trap around a river.]

This came as a result of the experiments he made in New York University in 1947, when he proved that the conventionally accepted 'node's law' had to be rectified, and that the frequency of the note produced by halving the length of a string is actually slightly more than twice the frequency of the base note.. [Did you know? Mexico's Nobel Prize nominee and music revolutionary]

Click to the right of the chimney where it looks like a string is there. [Archive 2007-08-01]

The bowhunter's most effective tool for ensuring proper head alignment on the string is an in-line peep sight.. [Improve Your Accuracy With a Homemade Peep Sight]

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  • Hyphenation string


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