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Definitions of "striped"

  • Having lines or bands of different color or texture. adjective
  • Having stripes, decorated or marked with bands differing in color. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of stripe. verb
  • Having stripes of different colors; streaked. adjective
  • Having Stripes. See streaked.
  • marked or decorated with stripes adjective

The word "striped" in example sentences

Let's hope this guy eventually ends up in striped or prison orange jammies.. [Michigan Man In Jammies Shoots RoboDeer]

Under the title, there is a cartoon of four grenouilles: * two of the frogs have on sunglasses, the other two, sun hats -- all four frogs are in striped swim trunks.. [mother-in-law]

A group of Edwardians in striped blazers and straw boater hats, riding along on their bicycles, very slow and stately, but in case of rain they all have cabriolet tops they can raise over their heads, with big curved hinges on the sides like an old-fashioned pram, and tassels along the front. cabriolet/fridge. [May 2008]

It has done this in countries ranging from Mirconesia to Iceland, from South America to Africa. the white boat with the red striped is just a little less frightening to the countries of the world, than the Navy grey, maybe that is why the Coast Guard is respected around the globe and welcomed into the hearts, homes and ports of the countries of the world.. [A Coast Guard that guards everyone else’s coast « Blog]

It also got me into skateboarding (steel wheels, baby!), and why I'll always love California and cute girls in striped shirts.. [Boing Boing]

He is still wearing the purple pin striped suit, just not the coat part of it.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - A great new Joker shot]

Nor was that the end of his fascination with clothing from the four corners of the Earth: Other ensembles echoed Middle Eastern dancing girls, Ukrainian peasants, Bedouins in striped burnooses, and Isadora Duncanesque Greek youths.. [The King Is Dead]

The junior league and the aged widows in striped rebozos come together on their knees.. [La Virgen de Guadalupe - Mother of all Mexico]

There, they shaved each prisoner's head and dressed him in striped prison attire.. [ADOLESCENCE AND YOUTH]

Jupiter, faintly striped, is attended by four stars — spread out in a thin line parallel to its bulging equator.. [A Space in Time]

Mr. Bunter, looking singularly un-Bunterlike in striped pyjamas, with his stiff black hair ruffled about his head, sat grimly watching the younger man's sharp cheekbones and the purple stains under his eyes.. [Whose Body?]

A mummied jackal from this place, curiously wrapped in striped bandages, is to be seen in the First Egyptian Room at the British. [A Thousand Miles Up the Nile]

That said, he probably isn’t the best choice as the host of an early morning talk show – people generally like to be eased into their day by perky but inoffensive people like Jane Pauley and Diane Sawyer, not madcap fitness enthusiasts in striped shorts.. [The Richard Simmons Show - The Retroist]

Anyway, he walked out of the men’s room and then tosses his mop aside and unzips his janitorial outfit revealing a pin striped sharp blue suit, grabs his briefcase behind the front desks and whisks himself out the front door saying goodbye to me.. [Radovan Karadzic's website and blog]

Rockfish, also called striped bass, or stripers, sell for about $2.50 a pound wholesale and $9 a pound retail, police said.. [A true fish story: Md. wildlife police work to stop poachers from stealing bass by the ton]

The zorrilla is also often referred to as a striped weasel.. [The Smelliest Animal Ever?]

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Striped Word Data

  • Pronunciations(strīpt, strīˈpĭd)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation striped


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