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Definitions of "structure"

  • Something made up of a number of parts that are held or put together in a particular way: hierarchical social structure. noun
  • The way in which parts are arranged or put together to form a whole; makeup: triangular in structure. noun
  • The interrelation or arrangement of parts in a complex entity: political structure; plot structure. noun
  • Something constructed, such as a building. noun
  • Biology The arrangement or formation of the tissues, organs, or other parts of an organism. noun
  • Biology An organ or other part of an organism. noun
  • To give form or arrangement to: structure a curriculum; structure one's day. verb-transitive
  • A cohesive whole built up of distinct parts. noun
  • The underlying shape of a solid. noun
  • The overall form or organization of something. noun
  • A set of rules defining behaviour. noun
  • Several pieces of data treated as a unit. noun
  • Underwater terrain or objects (such as a dead tree or a submerged car) that tend to attract fish noun
  • A body, such as a political party, with a cohesive purpose or outlook. noun
  • A set along with a collection of finitary functions and relations. noun
  • To give structure to; to arrange. verb
  • The act of building; the practice of erecting buildings; construction. noun
  • Manner of building; form; make; construction. noun
  • Arrangement of parts, of organs, or of constituent particles, in a substance or body. noun

The word "structure" in example sentences

If a structure includes elements of more than three angles, it is called an “imperfect structure”.. [4. Roof structure]

It will help in understanding both the structure and the working of the nervous system to keep in mind that it contains _but one fundamental unit of structure_.. [The Mind and Its Education]

This was achieved by setting the key policy rate that then affected the term structure of interest rates and asset prices, and then to aggregate demand.. [Olivier Blanchard: Rewriting the Macroeconomists' Playbook in the Wake of the Crisis]

Federal borrowing serves to regulate the term structure of interest rates, and not to fund expenditures.. [Warren Mosler: Modern Monetary Theory: The Last Progressive Left Standing]

The term structure is antiquated and needs an overhaul to reflect the times we live in.. [WalesOnline - Home]

In addition, one can often gain some insight into the overall structure of the stock market by observing the term structure of the VIX futures - that is, their relationship to each other.. [ - Top Stories]

When the term structure slopes upward like this, that is a reflection of a bullish environment.. [ - Top Stories]

So, even during the rather sharp market selling in July, the VIX futures have retained a premium, and the term structure has remained positively sloped.. [ - Top Stories]

Conversely, if the futures should start to trade at a discount to VIX, and if the term structure should flatten out, or perhaps even begin to slope negatively downward, those would be bearish signs.. [ - Top Stories]

"The resulting capital gains will provide support to consumption and a general reduction in the term structure of interest rates is likely to lead to knock-on capital gains on other assets, which will provide further support to consumer spending," he said.. [The Guardian World News]

The term structure, which is the plot of yield-to-maturity against time-to-maturity indicates the value of time for points in the future.. [ - Financial News]

Having good tannin structure is important for balanced full bodied red wine, and when manipulated you can taste the difference, as a wine is more disjointed and un-integrated.. [Anthony Nappa Wines 2008 Anomaly]

The reason this is important is that beginning in the Clinton administration the Treasury shortened the term structure of the public debt.. [When Will America Face Its Fiscal Crisis?]

Uniquely, the term structure of our debt is very long – around 14 years.. [There is no logic to the brutish cuts that George Osborne is proposing]

Because that's where the yield will be, as long as the term structure of interest rates stays low.. [Transcript: 2010 Outlook]

Optimal capital structure, endogenous bankruptcy, and the term structure of credit spreads (Finance working paper) by Hayne E Leland. [GHOST MALLS - COMING TO YOUR TOWN]

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