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Hyphenation stu di o
Pronunciations /ˈstjuːdiəʊ/

Definitions and meanings of "Studio"

What do we mean by studio?

An artist's workroom. noun

A photographer's establishment. noun

An establishment where an art is taught or studied. noun

A room, building, or group of buildings where movies, television shows, or radio programs are produced. noun

A room or building where tapes and records are produced. noun

A company that produces films. noun

A studio apartment. noun

A room especially arranged for painting, drawing, photographing, or other art-work. noun

The working room of an artist. noun

An artist’s or photographer’s workshop or the room in which an artist works. noun

An establishment where an art is taught. noun

A place where radio or television programs, records or films are made. noun

A company or organization that makes films, records or other artistic works. noun

A studio flat/apartment, especially one having the kitchen, living area, and sleeping area in a single room. noun

Workplace consisting of a room or building where movies or television shows or radio programs are produced and recorded noun

Workplace for the teaching or practice of an art noun

An apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen noun

An artist’s or photographer’s workshop or the room in which an artist works.

An establishment where an art is taught.

A place where radio or television programs, records or films are made.

A company or organization that makes films, records or other artistic works.

A studio apartment.

Phoney,a fake,claim they raw but they soft like butter. Urban Dictionary

Noun: A womans vagina that is very large and spacious on the inside. This large puss feels like you are fucking a bucket of water. Studio refers to the lack of walls in her dirty clam ie: studio apartment. Urban Dictionary

StudioE is a word that is used to describe "uptown", "classy", etc. Urban Dictionary

A place where you are at your normal time. Your friends & companions know this is where you are at all times. Here, you write and record songs, some of which pertain to being in or around the studio itself. Urban Dictionary

The Studio is a gigantic luxury resort containing millions of extremely fit women aged between the age of first breath and 25. These women are subjected to mass slaughtering and kept on a strict diet of soil and female viagra. These food sources are rich in essential nutrients for healthy growth. There is a weight limit of 55.0kg. If this limit is exceeded, the women will be minced. The women are used for the intense pleasure of four huge-penised males. These men are HS, Gigs, D-Mace, and Boobs. The women in the studio may be hired for a premium price of $30,000,000 per day. Urban Dictionary

A space in the architecture college where students can work on their projects 24/7. They spend insane periods of time in studio to work on projects instead of socializing with other majors or going out. They eat, sleep, and procrastinate in studio. What happens in studio stays in studio. Urban Dictionary

Studio can be an act in which one person is pretending to be or do something they usually won’t, like faking or fronting. Acting studio can also mean something seen, done, or said was cool or awesome. Studio can also be used as a seal of approval, like a good outfit, a scene in a movie, or even a car. Urban Dictionary

"IN THE STUDIO" Prepositional Phrase Vulgar Slang -- preganant Urban Dictionary

The editing studios that kracc bacc uses to make his videos Urban Dictionary

STUDIO GHIBLI: INTRODUCTION The greatest mainstream animation studio of our generation, headed by the greatest animator of our time, Hayao Miyazaki. Has consistently produced works that all uphold the studio's foundation of creative artistry and story-telling. Unfortunately, it is shadowed by the American powerhouses Pixar/Disney, who have mastered the art of creating family-friendly films and entertainment, but nonetheless lack an emotional/narrative appeal. ________________________________________________ FOCUS ON ART/NARRATIVE, NOT MASS-APPEAL Studio Ghibli is dedicated purely to the arts and narrative behind each story. It is known for its sentimental appeal and beautiful traditional animation, not focusing on entertainment. ________________________________________________ WHERE HAS THE MAGIC GONE.... Studio Ghibli can only be summed up as the place where the only real bit of magic has moved, after the downfall of the "magic" of Disney into the 2000's. The magic of a pencil, not a computer, the beauty of a well-crafted story, and the sacredness of art above mass-appeal, this is what Studio Ghibli believes in. Studio Ghibli is magic. Urban Dictionary

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The word "studio" in example sentences

Currently no writers are attached to the pen the screenplay, but the studio is actively seeking people to take on the story. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And Warners seems to like being in the Matt Damon business as the studio is also negotiating with he and Ben Affleck to form a new first-look partnership. ❋ Unknown (2010)

THR hit with the news that the studio is aiming for the relatively low budget of $80 million, also looking to cast the film with unknown actors. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It's just that their usefulness to the studio is at an end. ❋ Unknown (2007)

They have no money – their studio is a basement with egg cartons stapled to the walls for soundproofing, and they have a fan that rattles so badly they have to turn it off before they can begin recording. ❋ Yuki_onna (2006)

The oddest thing about the studio is a strong scent of decaying bananas, as if many peels or even whole bananas were rotting in the room's wastebaskets, none of which look to have been emptied anytime recently. ❋ Unknown (2005)

We have only been to see her once, my father and I, and we all slept in the living room because she has what they call a studio apartment. ❋ Elizabeth Berg (2002)

Later on in the evening Becky took Nick to look round what she called her studio, while Jessica stayed behind in the sitting-room and talked to Jack and drank more of the parsnip wine, until she felt pleasantly sleepy. ❋ Neil, Joanna (1995)

This studio is their home, – they work, eat, sleep, and live here, going halves in everything. ❋ Unknown (1950)

“Miss Dorland would have what they called studio parties sometimes, but not at all smart and nearly all young ladies — artists and suchlike.” ❋ Sayers, Dorothy L.Lord Peter 05 (1928)

Did I tell you that while she was absent she dabbled in water-colors? and now she has what she calls a studio, where she perpetrates the most atrocious daubs you ever saw. ❋ Mary Jane Holmes (1866)

"To call it a studio is insulting to the word studio," he said. ❋ Unknown (2012)

He has just arrived from the Doom Room, which is what he calls the studio where he records his broadcasts. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Austin studio is the company’s second studio and the first to be located outside of BioWare’s home in Edmonton, Canada. ❋ Unknown (2006)

It's been so successful that Gainax, the studio, is re-doing the series as a series of films. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[grammy] ❋ Leemah (2003)

Q: How was that [womans] pussy? A: [That bitch] was studio. I couldn't feel shit when I was [in there]. ❋ P. Donohoe (2006)

[Oh that] [outfit] is so [StudioE]. ❋ BeverlyC (2005)

[Sponjetta]: "Hey, baby, when you get home, you ain't gotta worry [about me]. I'll be in my normal place and you know where that be: up in my [studio]." ❋ Lacrasia (2010)

Saw a fat [bird walk] into the [studio], she'd be [mince] by now. ❋ Trent.the.leg (2019)

"Hey [Catherine]! Do you want to go out this weekend? There's a [party on] campus" "Sorry Courtney, I have [studio]" ❋ CatherineTheGreat98 (2017)

“I heard Josh was drunk at the club and got it [shakin] with security last night” “He’s [studio] bro, he probably did that in front of [the bitches].” ❋ Tommybunz (2021)

(Proper Female Name) is [in the studio] with son, (Proper Male Name) His [CD release party] is scheduled for [Black Friday]. ❋ TammyTime1991 (2009)

first get [obamium], charge [calculator] with obamium, then download from bacc studios [app store] ❋ Kevin Is Nice Lmao (2020)

Pixar: beautiful computer animation family-centered [mass appeal] masterful money generator/Oscar [nabber] lack of meaningful themes or remembrance of film Disney: owns Pixar now famed for beautiful animation, but since long gone Studio Ghibli: -dedicated to art, not entertainment -known for themes like individualism, [environmentalism], feminism, friendship,etc., rather than exclusively love -known for powerful narrative/story-telling, not entertainment ❋ Animation_1 (2011)

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