Definitions of "Stupendious"


Stupendous. adjective

The word "Stupendious" in example sentences

IV., crossing in a litter the "stupendious" Mont Cenis, pacing the In a Green Shade A Country Commentary

Places they are more stupendious, yet not so as to disoblige the Eye with any rude Assent, or disagreeable Sterility; for they are well garnish'd with Intervals of Woods, Corn, and some Pasturage. Exilius

In the middest of this admirable and stupendious Court, there was set out a maruellous perfuming vessel, not so much for the excellent and perfecte substaunce thereof, which was pure and fine golde: but for the conspicuous, rare, and auncient fashion of the base, standing vpon three Hypnerotomachia The Strife of Loue in a Dreame

To what purpose were erected those stupendious Structures, entituled _The The Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687)

Fidelium_ or Essays, wherein grow trees of more than two foote diameter, besides cypresse, myrtils, lentiscs, and other rare shrubs, which serve to nestle and pearch all sorts of birds, who have an ayre and place enough under their ayrie canopy, supported with huge iron worke stupendious for its fabrick and the charge. Florence and Northern Tuscany with Genoa With Sixteen Illustrations In Colour By William Parkinson And Sixteen Other Illustrations, Second Edition

Wall, when we hove in sight of it we see the high towers that riz up above it some distance off, with flags a-comin 'kinder out of it on both sides, some like a stupendious pump, with handles on both sides and red table-cloths a-hangin' over 'em, but immense -- immense in height. Samantha at the World's Fair

The most stupendious, the most impressive work of art that wuz ever wrought by man. Samantha at the World's Fair

"But his waking mind in hydeous dreames did oft see wondrous shapes Of bodies strange, and huge in growth, and of stupendious makes." Captain John Smith

I think equally as high as Mount St. Helines but it's distance being much greater than that of the latter, so great a portion of it dose not appear above the range of mountains which lie betwen boath those stupendious mountains and this point of view. like mount St. Heleans it's figure is a regular cone and is covered with eternal snow. The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806

Whether I hit him or no, I cannot tell; but he made towards the shore, and the noise of my gun increased the stupendious noise of the monsters. The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner (1801)

To what purpose were erected those stupendious Structures, entituled The Wonders of the World, viz. The walls of Babylon, the Rhodian Colossus, the Pyramids of The Lives of the Most Famous English Poets

And to conclude, we shall in all things find, that Nature does not onely work Mechanically, but by such excellent and most compendious, as well as stupendious contrivances, that it were impossible for all the reason in the world to find out any contrivance to do the same thing that should have more convenient properties. Micrographia Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon

Birds of all kinds, it composes each of the Feathers of which its Wing consists, of such an exceeding curious and most admirable and stupendious texture, as I else where shew, in the Observations on a Feather; we find it to alter its method quite, in the fabrick of the Wings of these minute creatures, composing some of thin extended membranes or skins, such as the Micrographia Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon

Athenæus relating, that the stupendious vessel, built so many ages since by Hiero, had its mast out of Britain. Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) Or A Discourse of Forest Trees

_Alkahest_ in the Analyzing of Bodies, so the Effects ascrib'd to that power are so unparallell'd and stupendious, that though I am not sure but that there _may be_ such an Agent, yet little less than [Greek: autopsia] seems requisite to make a man sure there _is_. The Sceptical Chymist or Chymico-Physical Doubts & Paradoxes, Touching the Spagyrist's Principles Commonly call'd Hypostatical; As they are wont to be Propos'd and Defended by the Generality of Alchymists. Whereunto is præmis'd Part of another Discourse relating to the same Subject.

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