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In the visual arts, style is a "...distinctive manner which permits the grouping of works into related categories" or "...any distinctive, and therefore recognizable, way in which an act is performed or an artifact made or ought to be performed and made". It refers to the visual appearance of a work of art that relates it to other works by the same artist or one from the same period, training, location, "school", art movement or archaeological culture: "The notion of style has long been the art historian's principal mode of classifying works of art. By style he selects and shapes the history of art".Style is often divided into the general style of a period, country or cultural group, group of artists or art movement, and the individual style of the artist within that group style. Divisions within both types of styles are often made, such as between "early", "middle" or "late". In some artists, such as Picasso for example, these divisions may be marked and easy to see, in others they are more subtle. Style is seen as usually dynamic, in most periods always changing by a gradual process, though the speed of this varies greatly, between the very slow development in style typical of prehistoric art or Ancient Egyptian art to the rapid changes in Modern art styles. Style often develops in a series of jumps, with relatively sudden changes followed by periods of slower development. After dominating academic discussion in art history in the 19th and early 20th centuries, so-called "style art history" has come under increasing attack in recent decades, and many art historians now prefer to avoid stylistic classifications where they can..

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Definitions of "stylizes"

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of stylize. verb

The word "stylizes" in example sentences

Thompson always stylizes her to one degree or another, as part of her mystique and appeal:. [BEASTS OF BURDEN by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson (Dark Horse)]

As the scans above suggest, Boni's visual style is hyper-cinematic, by which I mean it starts with cinematic framing, cuts, pacing, etc., and stylizes them beyond what I think an actual movie could pull off without looking too stylized.. [Archive 2009-01-25]

In my completely subjective opinion, Adams stylizes his work on purpose, to achieve a specific look.. [Fantastic Four #544 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News]

In every other respect, Rossellini stylizes, simplifies, and exaggerates his portrayal of Francis and his followers in order to tell his story and make his points in the broadest possible strokes.. [11/8: Wheel of Time; The Flowers of St. Francis]

This sets up the second cycle of revenge, which is even more stomach-turning - though Tresnjak largely stylizes the acts of violence with flashes of red light and otherworldly sound effects.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

They 40-year-old actor and 51-year-old entertainer both wore the box's 'abada' - an official T-shirt needed for entry which each guest traditionally re-stylizes in their own taste.. [The Velvet Hot Tub | Freshest Stories]

Here, a simple code snippet stylizes an image into a Chuck Close-like painting.. [Macworld UK News]

Al-Qa'ida, which stylizes itself as a movement resisting foreign influences in the Islamic world, is also Sunni.. [Writings from the Middle East Forum and Middle East Quarterly.]

Like anime, it stylizes motion in a way that isn't entirely realistic but is believable within its own reality.. [Frames Per Second Magazine]

The top highlighted area shows the div id & class that stylizes everything within my posts.. [Oh My Stinkin Heck]

Featuring hand-drawn art, stylizes sprites and animations, this clever twist on the classic game of rock, paper, scissors costs future games and show off what the GameSalad engine can do.. [Yahoo! News: Top Stories]

And just as Republican conservatives are uncomfortable with the three relatively moderate, Silicon Valley-spawned GOP candidates, so are doctrinaire liberals leery of Brown, who stylizes himself now as a pragmatic politician, tough on crime and unwilling to raise taxes to balance a chronically imbalanced budget.. [ScrippsNews]

The cover art for the album depicts the band's name and logo, a highly stylizes script.. [Epinions Recent Content for Home]

Photography shows and stylizes lust and passion, fantasy and desire, power and violence, voyeurism and self-presentation in sexuality.. [Latest entries from]

Her Modern American Cabin, minimizes and stylizes the traditional cabin’s lines and architectural elements, while remaining true to its original concept and spirit.. [Andrea Salvini’s Light Filled Modern American Cabin | Inhabitat]

I’m confused, though: you say Tarantino “rarely over-stylizes” his dialogue?. [Once Upon A Time in Cannes… Simon saw INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS | Obsessed With Film]

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Complexions’ Jillian Davis Stylizes the Grande Jete
Complexions’ Jillian Davis Stylizes the Grande Jete
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Crotop set Blouse And Skirt Printed Maxi Casual Stylizes
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Pianist Bob Swift Stylizes Gershwin and Love Songs

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