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Definitions of "sublunary"

  • Situated beneath the moon. adjective
  • Of this world; earthly. adjective
  • Situated between the earth and the moon; sublunar or cislunar. adjective
  • Of this world (as opposed to heaven etc.); earthly, terrestrial. adjective
  • Any worldly thing. noun
  • Any worldly thing. noun
  • Situated beneath the moon.
  • Hence Pertaining to this world; terrestrial; mundane; earthly; worldly: as, sublunary affairs.
  • Any worldly thing. noun
  • situated between the earth and the moon adjective
  • of this earth adjective

The word "sublunary" in example sentences

But the third verse whams in with "another country", namely heaven โ€“ thus not only annoying those of other religions and none, but implying that sublunary patriotism may be subject to overrule by the man upstairs.. [So Lewis Hamilton wants a longer national anthem. Has he heard the second verse?]

'ALLOWING for the imperfect state of sublunary happiness, which is comparative at best, there are not, perhaps, many nations existing whose situation is so desirable; where the means of subsistence are so easy, and the wants of the people so few โ€ฆ The evident distinction of ranks, which subsists at Otaheite, does not so materially affect the felicity of the nation as we might have supposed.. [Letter 63]

I mean more specifically the Christian doctrine of the incarnation (Hoc est enim corpus meum), along with the Christian doctrine which holds that although sublunary things pass, like men passing over Crazy Jane's body, or like progress down a road, all those temporally moving things do not vanish.. [Crossroads of Philosophy and Cultural Studies: Body, Context, Performativity, Community]

Yes, even the depths of the wintry cold, when the sun seems to mock us shivering mammals in this sublunary world, can make me smile, wonder, and fall in love again.. [White-Throated Sparrows and the Return of Old Sam Peabody]

'By us sublunary thy will be done ... with viands meet thy humble creatures bless.'. [Archive 2010-06-01]

The mahatma of the title, is helping Jack and Charley learn about their prospective brides (each is courting the other's sister) by offering to "tear your astral form from its sublunary habitation and send it gasping through the empyrean.". [The woe of an aspiring genius.]

And us sublunary types can look up at her, and her dark quiet seas, and in moments pass again into our purer minds.. [NASA Watch: Videos: July 2009 Archives]

This intelligence, Dietrich informs us, causes the substance of the sublunary beings that undergo generation and corruption, that is, bodies.. [Dietrich of Freiberg]

In the sublunary world, elemental powers are simple and deterministic.. [Medieval Theories of Causation]

For Aristotle, sublunary or terrestrial matter is of four kinds. [Galileo Galilei]

The second science, Days Three and Four of Discorsi, dealt with proper principles of local motion, but this was now motion for all matter (not just sublunary stuff) and it took the categories of time and acceleration as basic.. [Galileo Galilei]

In 1623 Galileo published The Assayer dealing with the comets and arguing they were sublunary phenomena.. [Galileo Galilei]

In The Assayer, he tried to show that comets were sublunary phenomena and that their properties could be explained by optical refraction.. [Galileo Galilei]

They defend the view that while there is no special care for individuals, providence over the objects in the sublunary sphere is exercised by the movement of the heavenly bodies in the sense that they preserve the continuity of the species on earth.. [Alexander of Aphrodisias]

In his physical works Aristotle limits strict necessity to the motions of the stars, while allowing for a wide range of events in the sublunary realm that do not happen of necessity but only for the most part or by chance. [Alexander of Aphrodisias]

But the good knight probably thought that the grace and effect of his exit would be diminished, if he were recalled from his heroics to discuss such sublunary and domestic topics, and therefore hastened away without waiting to hear her out.. [The Monastery]

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  • Pronunciations(sลญb-loอžoหˆnษ™-rฤ“, sลญbหˆloอžo-nฤ•rหŒฤ“)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation sub lu na ry


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