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In 1990, Congress created a "subminimum" wage for teenagers after business groups warned that the higher minimum would devastate industries like restaurants.. [Too Soon To Panic]

It’s also important to know that for ninety calendar days from your first day of work, your new boss has the right to pay you what’s called subminimum wage.. [Not Your Parents’ Money Book]

I can't help wondering how different things might be if Congress had not adopted the third in a series of scheduled minimum-wage increases a year ago -- or if it allowed private sector employers to pay young people a subminimum wage today.. [A minimum condition for summer jobs?]

The blacks who resent Latinos and vice versa are junior high school students and low-skilled workers who see their jobs going to illegals who accept subminimum wages.. [So everyone was piling on Hillary on the Sunday shows...]

In Spain and France, for example, slave-like working conditions and subminimum wages enable the agricultural industry to maintain competitive prices while regulations bar produce from Africa.. [MAIL CALL]

I should note that I disagree with certain provisions added to the minimum wage title of the Act, such as the provision creating a new subminimum wage for young people and the one denying increased cash wages to most employees who rely on tips for part of their income.. [President Statement On Minimum Wage Bill]

Never lose sight of the fact that one of the reasons that employers hire illegals is because they feel that they can provide substandard working conditions and subminimum wages.. [Briefing By Labor Secretary Robert Reich]

One means, therefore, of reducing the incentives for employers to hire illegals is to crack down on illegalities with regard to subminimum wages and substandard working conditions.. [Briefing By Labor Secretary Robert Reich]

His answer, though, is pretty much the same one given by agricultural interests in Texas and elsewhere ~ you know the one ~ where they tell us Americans won't do those jobs, but then they forget to add "at subminimum wage".. [Latest Articles]

However, the worker centers and other community groups involved soon realized they needed a contract to ensure that labor standards did not revert to subminimum levels once the media spotlight was turned off and government enforcement agencies moved on to their next targets.. [LA IMC]

Bush was even set to allow states to pay subminimum wages to welfare recipients in "workfare" jobs, but he backed down when news reports uncovered the scheme.. [AFL-CIO NOW BLOG]

Under Michigan law, the subminimum wage is set at either the federal minimum wage or 85 percent of the state minimum wage, whichever is higher.. [WXYZ-TV Detroit - 7 Action News]

Michigan's subminimum wage, a wage paid to employees younger than 18, will jump from $6.55 to. [WXYZ-TV Detroit - 7 Action News]

Michigan's subminimum wage, a wage paid to employees younger than 18, will jump from $6.55 to $7.25 when the federal minimum wage rises to that rate on Friday.. []

- 500,000 Black women and 2 million Black kids forced off welfare and into subminimum wage poverty by Clinton's "welfare reform". [Kasama]

You want me to be one of those good Mexicans, one of those hardworking, churchgoing, family-valuing, get dressed in my best clothes on Sunday and walk with my cousins down those broad sun-baked boulevards to a park named after Chavez, humble respectful nigger taco Mexicans, the ones we all love and respect and pay subminimum wage?. [Savages]

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