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Definitions of "suboptimal"

  • Less than optimal. adjective
  • In biology, concerning or pertaining to a suboptimum.

The word "suboptimal" in example sentences

So, no matter what compensation scheme is planned (except for slavery), doctors who want to maximize their revenues while minimizing work hours can always find a way to do so that will result in suboptimal outcomes for patients and payors.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » More on Incentives]

You can disagree with me, but don't act as if I have not already pointed out several reasons why being suboptimal is not an excuse to outlaw something.. [Confining Beliefs to Defined Domains]

What one needs to explain suboptimal design is a reason.. [Dawkins on the OOL]

I don't think that it is "suboptimal" for someone to live off his nest egg rather than buying an annuity.. [Defending Social Security, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

A system that mostly offers what Arianna Huffington calls "suboptimal" compromises, hardly real solutions, invites stalemates that breed extremes.. [John O'Kane: Tea Party Fantasies]

I always get a kick out of the 'suboptimal' arguments.. [Chunkdz Comes Out Smokin]

Friedman put it, America is only able to produce 'suboptimal'. [Arianna Huffington: South American Diary, Chile: More Than Miners Are Being Rescued]

Linus expanded on the statement, "evolution often does odd (and 'suboptimal') things exactly because it does incremental changes that DO NOT BREAK at any point.". [2008 February - Telic Thoughts]

This disturbing and destructive state of affairs has created a country that is, in the words of Tom Friedman, "only able to produce 'suboptimal' responses to its biggest problems.". [Arianna Huffington: Health Care Reform: Sifting Through the Suboptimal Solutions]

Earlier this year, he called the funds 'performance "suboptimal" and said improving them would be a "major focus.". [Morgan Stanley Tries to See What Sticks]

But he added that in general, capital restrictions are "suboptimal" and create market distortions, and that inflow restrictions should be accompanied by an easing of limits on outflows.. [Strong Rupee Hasn't Hurt]

But in general, Mr. Paulson contended, speaking to reporters in Mumbai, capital restrictions such as India's are "suboptimal" and create market distortions.. [India Keeps On Rising:]

But in a virtual world, are there any "suboptimal" jobs that must be done no matter what?. [Just A Little R-E-S-P-E-C]

It says, too, that his actions were against corporate governance principles, and that he failed to fix a "suboptimal" board.. [AllAfrica News: Latest]

And in contrast to the assumption sweeping Washington that, as Tom Friedman put it, "America is only able to produce 'suboptimal' responses to its biggest problems," at virtually every stop on my South American trip I've encountered the can-do optimism that has for centuries been at the heart of the American dream.. [The Full Feed from]

It was also not clear why the prison hospital was considered "suboptimal" for Shaik, but not the other prisoners who are terminally ill at Durban Westville Prison.. []

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