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Hyphenation sub ter rane
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Definitions and meanings of "Subterrane"

What do we mean by subterrane?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word subterrane. Define subterrane, subterrane synonyms, subterrane pronunciation, subterrane translation, English dictionary definition of subterrane.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Subterrane

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The word "subterrane" in example sentences

I watched men in moon suits bury drums of nuclear waste and I thought of the living rocks down there, the subterrane process, the half-life, the atoms that decay to half the original number. ❋ Don Delillo (2008)

Newer: keep trying - I wrote subterrane, for sure. if only subterrane, for sure. if only for lorem ipsum. ❋ Unknown (2001)

Previously Noted rupaul : weblog r e e n h e a d . c o m ❋ Unknown (2001)

If subterrane an granaries, or others, there fore, can be contrived below that temperature, the evil will be cured by cold. ❋ Unknown (1853)

When the subterrane was thus cleared of the living, and the dead alone remained in that place which had so long been their home, and was now their tomb, Demetrius ordered his forces to disperse and return to their quarters in Florence in the same prudent manner which had characterized their egress thence a few hours before. ❋ Unknown (1846)

Those who were in the treasure-chamber felt the ground shake beneath their feet; the sides -- although hollowed from the solid rock -- appeared to vibrate and groan, and the aperture leading into the subterrane of the convent was closed up by the massive masonry that had fallen in. ❋ Unknown (1846)

"And by what means can access be obtained to this subterrane?" demanded the marquis. ❋ Unknown (1846)

Demetrius and Francisco, and all carrying their drawn scimiters in their hands, the corps proceeded along a vast vaulted subterrane, paved with flag-stones, until a huge iron door, studded with nails, barred the way. ❋ Unknown (1846)

When they were enabled to collect their scattered ideas, and the incidents of the last half-hour assumed a definite shape in their memories, the sound of hymn and bell had ceased -- the chamber of penitence was deserted -- the silence of death reigned throughout the subterrane -- nor did even the faintest shriek or scream emanate from the cell in which the victim was entombed. ❋ Unknown (1846)

For, on the second night of her abode in that place, the noise of the well-known machinery was heard; the revolution of wheels and the play of the dreadful mechanism raised ominous echoes throughout the subterrane. ❋ Unknown (1846)

In the meantime the helpless victim of ecclesiastical vengeance -- the poor erring creature, who had dared and sacrificed everything for the love of her seducer -- had risen from her suppliant posture, and flown wildly -- madly round to the elder nuns in succession, imploring mercy, and rending the very roof of the subterrane with piercing screams. ❋ Unknown (1846)

Giulia, whom he left in the treasure chamber (as that apartment of the robbers 'hold was called), and then hastened after those who had penetrated into the subterrane of the convent. ❋ Unknown (1846)

It was on the sixth night, and the two inmates of the gloomy cell were preparing to retire to their humble pallet, after offering their prayers to the Virgin, for adversity had already taught the countess to pray, and to pray devoutly, too, when they were startled and alarmed by the sudden clang of a large bell fixed in some part of the subterrane. ❋ Unknown (1846)

So someone must have been aware of the existence of the subterrane albeit minus the expansion (but what did he do with the soil from excavating?) ❋ Unknown (2009)

subterrane, for sure. if only - emergency weblog; or: epersonae; or: elaine nelson emergency weblog; or: epersonae; or: elaine nelson rambling about something or other since the 70s ❋ Unknown (2001) rupaul : weblog r e e n h e a d . c o m ❋ Unknown (2001)

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