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Definitions of "such"

  • Of this kind: a single parent, one of many such people in the neighborhood. adjective
  • Of a kind specified or implied: a boy such as yourself. adjective
  • Of a degree or quality indicated: Their anxiety was such that they could not sleep. adjective
  • Of so extreme a degree or quality: never dreamed of such wealth. adjective
  • To so extreme a degree; so: such beautiful flowers; such a funny character. adverb
  • Very; especially: She has been in such poor health lately. adverb
  • Such a person or persons or thing or things: was the mayor and as such presided over the council; expected difficulties, and such occurred. pronoun
  • Itself alone or within itself: Money as such will seldom bring total happiness. pronoun
  • Someone or something implied or indicated: Such are the fortunes of war. pronoun
  • Similar things or people; the like: pins, needles, and such. pronoun
  • such as For example. idiom
  • like this, that, these, those; Used to make a comparison with something implied by context. adjective
  • Used as an intensifier; roughly equivalent to very much of. adjective
  • any determiner
  • A person, a thing, people, or things like the one or ones already mentioned. pronoun
  • Of that kind; of the like kind; like; resembling; similar; ; -- followed by that or as introducing the word or proposition which defines the similarity, or the standard of comparison. adjective
  • Having the particular quality or character specified. adjective
  • The same that; -- with as. adjective
  • Certain; -- representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned. adjective

The word "such" in example sentences

Mainstream Psychology during most of the 20th century did not apply the scientific method! freud theory of personality, behviorism, etc.. are examples of why phsycholgy got such a bad rep in terms of science. such theories, which highly influenced society, were never real scientific theories since they were never based and grounded on scientific research..such as controlled experiments.. [Is psychology a science?]

But to suppose that these lifeless energies, even if possessed of such qualities, could, void of intelligence, produce _such_ effects as _are_ produced in the universe, requires credulity capable of believing anything.. [The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal, April, 1880]

True that there was then no life or spirit in the poetical vocabulary -- true that there was no nature in the delineations of our minor poets; but better far was such language than the slip-slop vulgarities of the present rhymester -- better far that there should be no nature in poetry, than _such_ nature as Mr Patmore has exhibited for the entertainment of his readers.. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 56, Number 347, September, 1844]

Such a gathering together of ham-and-mackerel-fed bipeds, such a lavish display of gold-dust, such troops of happy-looking men bending beneath the delicious weight of butter and potatoes, and, above all, _such_ a smell of fried onions as instantaneously rose upon the fragrant California air and ascended gratefully into the blue California heaven was, I think, never experienced before.. [The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52]

'I can see no reason,' he says, in one passage in particular which I remember word for word, I think, it gives me such pleasure to recall it -- 'I can see no reason for supposing that _some such_ insight would be impossible to the quickened faculties of a higher development.. [Ideala]

"What must it to say when I have such a fear, _such_ a fear, that I speak not?" asked one of the Parsees.. [Lippincott's Magazine, November 1885]

When they steal, they are careful to do it on such a small scale, or in the taking of _such things_ as will make detection difficult.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4]

When they steal, they are careful to do it on such a _small_ scale, or in the taking of _such things_ as will make detection difficult.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4]

Oh, my boy, the Lord wants such as you -- _just such_ -- to go out amongst the people, seeking nothing but the things that are Jesus Christ's!. [Catherine Booth — a Sketch]

No doubt, such perfect poise, —such intuitive self-adjustment, —was not maintained by nature without a sacrifice of the qualities which would have upset it.. [Boston (1848–1854)]

In the first place I am ashamed to confess that such was the thoughtlessness— [interruption] —such was the stupor of the North— [renewed interruption] —you will get a word at a time; to-morrow will let folks see what it is you do not want to hear—that for a period of twenty-five years she went to sleep, and permitted herself to be drugged and poisoned with the Southern prejudice against black men.. [His Speech in Liverpool]

I know it's very wrong, but he seemed to have such a lot to do and to be in _such_ trouble.. [Love and Mr. Lewisham]

_And in the event of a failure to obtain such guarantees, to adopt in concert with the other Southern States_, OR ALONE, _such measures as may seem most expedient to protect the rights and ensure the safety of the people of Virginia_.. [The Long Roll]

"Gracious goodness, such little brats, and to talk about _such_ things," said Anneliese's mother.. [A Young Girl's Diary]

Then, very soon, he began to talk; and, oh, he said such beautiful things -- _such_ tender, lovely, sacred things; too sacred even to write down here.. [Mary Marie]

Never, on similar or any other occasions, have I heard such impassion’d pleading—such human-harassing reproach (like Hamlet to his mother, in the closet) —such probing to the very depths of that latent conscience and remorse which probably lie somewhere in the background of every life, every soul.. [Father Taylor (and Oratory). November Boughs]

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