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Definitions and meanings of "Sufferances"

What do we mean by sufferances?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word sufferances. Define sufferances, sufferances synonyms, sufferances pronunciation, sufferances translation, English dictionary definition of sufferances.

Humanity Urban Dictionary

A response to someone who expresses misfortune or unhappiness, rather than the innacurate and superficial resonse of "I'm sorry" Most effective when said in a raspy, demonic voice. Often accompanied by laughing at the other person's unhappiness. Urban Dictionary

The process of enduring great stress or hardship. Urban Dictionary

The third ring of marriage. Urban Dictionary

When you experience immense pain Urban Dictionary

A game for the Xbox where you play as Torque...a man accused of murdering his family. What turns out to be sitting in a regular prison....awaiting his time to be executed...all hell breaks must escape the demon infested prison, and the ending of the game depends on your character's actions. Urban Dictionary

Incorrect spelling of suffering Urban Dictionary

Sometimes stems from hate, usually stems from natural causes. For many people or one person to be have pain caused unto him Urban Dictionary

Suffering is IN GREAT PAIN AND MIGHT DIE Urban Dictionary

Going to a small college town in Appalachia that provides the worst in services. It is not limited to bad and expensive restaurants, watered down and overpriced alcoholic beverages, mean mountain people, hippies clueless about life, highway signs with ugly eyesoaring fonts made by the town, terrible town & university roads with potholes, un-marked speed humps and a very non-progressive town government. Urban Dictionary

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The word "sufferances" in example sentences

Do not entertain so weak an imagination as that your registers and your bonds, your affidavits and your sufferances, are what form the great securities of your commerce. ❋ Various (N/A)

The rest of the passengers having likewise arranged their affairs and obtained sufferances, we proceeded on board the packet, and found that it was extremely full without this last reinforcement; but I doubt whether the captain way of that opinion. ❋ Richard Boyle Bernard (N/A)

I do not say that he would not have complained of his sufferings, for who can be in those most trying sufferances of miserable sensations and not complain of them, but his groans for the pain would have been blended with thanksgivings to the sanctifying Spirit. ❋ James Gillman (N/A)

Ridolfo had his head cut open, Ugolino went near to losing his sword arm; but in spite of these heroic sufferances the detested Cancellieri became masters of the city, and the chequer-board flag floated over the Podestà. ❋ Maurice Henry Hewlett (N/A)

Usually "Gouzlars" are rapsods, very old men that walk from village to village singing in rhyme the history of the Serbians, our victories as well as our sufferances. ❋ Unknown (1916)

Do not entertain so weak an imagination as that your registers and your bonds, your affidavits and your sufferances, your cockets and your clearances, are what form the great securities of your commerce. ❋ Unknown (1906)

Rigorous and compulsory military service, unquestioning adherence to the doctrine that might makes right and a cession to "the All-Highest," as the Emperor was styled, of supreme powers in the state, are some of the sufferances to which the ❋ Richard Joseph Beamish (1895)

He had so multiplied bonds, certificates, affidavits, warrants, sufferances, and cockets; had supported them with such severe penalties, and extended them without the least consideration of circumstances to so many objects, that, had they all continued in their original force, commerce must speedily have expired under them. ❋ Edmund Burke (1763)

After all his sufferances the world remains indifferent about the truth he revealed: Israel holds nuclear ❋ Unknown (2010)

Percie excepted) greater experience amongst them, however misconstruction may traduce here at home, where is not easily seen the mixed sufferances, both of body and mynd, which is there daylie, and with no few hazards and hearty griefes undergon. " ❋ Charles Dudley Warner (1864)

[My life] is [never ending] [suffering] ❋ ThatWDude (2018)

Some girl: I just dropped my [sandwhich] [in the dirt] :(" You: "[SUFFER]!" ❋ Astrid The Innocent Secretary (2010)

dude1: how are you doing [bra]? dude2: [poverty] and sufferation [homie]. ❋ Mboots (2006)

[first ring] is the engagement-ring, second [ring] is the wedding-ring , and the third we married men know is [the suffering] ❋ Clampman&viceboy (2006)

[i exist] to suffer ❋ SIlkeeeeeeeeeee (2020)

My bro: "The Suffering is such a [scary ass] [game]" Me: "! [I wanna] play it!" ❋ Dirge (2005)

[ch00b]: People [in Africa] are sufferring. l33t1: ONMGMGMGHAHAH UR TEH RETARD YOU SPWELT SUFRWERRING WRONG OMG [HAHAHAHA] ch00b: Oh my ch00b has left the conversation in shame. ❋ Waffle (2003)

Loads of [people are starving], it r sad. If only governments decided it is a good idea to not let food rot in granaries to increase it's cost and improve their ability to [extort] the [populace]. ❋ Waffle (2003)

Help, I am [suffering], [I am not] [living] ❋ DetectiveTeeVee (2020)

Suffering [Boone], North Carolina eating Ramun Noodles and [Corn Syrup] SYSCO products provided by [ASU] ❋ BooneBelongsInTN (2009)

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