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What does the word suicidologists mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word suicidologists in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with suicidologists and anagrams of suicidologists.

Definitions of "suicidologists"

  • Plural form of suicidologist. noun

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"There are people who live and vacation on that side of paradise," says Evelyn Parra, one of Mexico's leading suicidologists and the director of psychological services for the city's family development agency.. [Roberto Lovato: Dispatch From Cancún: Developing Paradise in the Suicide Capital]

In the psychological sciences, most suicidologists view suicide not as an either/or notion but as a gradient notion, admitting of degrees based on individuals 'beliefs, strength of intentions, and attitudes.. [Suicide]

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Suicidology: Let's Talk About It - Part 1
Suicidology: Let's Talk About It - Part 1
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Discussions With a Suicidologist - Dr BlaireSchembari
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How to Pronounce Suicidologists

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