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Proportionality is a general principle in law which covers several special (although related) concepts. The concept of proportionality is used as a criterion of fairness and justice in statutory interpretation processes, especially in constitutional law, as a logical method intended to assist in discerning the correct balance between the restriction imposed by a corrective measure and the severity of the nature of the prohibited act. Within criminal law, it is used to convey the idea that the punishment of an offender should fit the crime. Under international humanitarian law governing the legal use of force in an armed conflict, proportionality and distinction are important factors in assessing military necessity..

What does the word suitable mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word suitable in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with suitable and anagrams of suitable.

Definitions of "suitable"

  • Appropriate to a purpose or an occasion. adjective
  • Having sufficient or the required properties for a certain purpose or task; appropriate to a certain occasion. adjective
  • Capable of suiting; fitting; accordant; proper; becoming; agreeable; adapted. adjective
  • Capable of suiting; conformable; fitting; appropriate; proper; becoming.
  • Synonyms Fit, meet, appropriate, apt, pertinent, seemly, eligible, consonant, corresponding, congruous.
  • meant or adapted for an occasion or use adjective
  • worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse adjective

The word "suitable" in example sentences

However, you should get accustomed to using the term suitable for your branch.. [Married to the Military]

I am an actress, so I must have a name suitable for an actress.. [Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile]

She had probably used the term panku, with all of its meanings, and the translator had to take a fraction of a second to find a word suitable for the context.. [Shadow Lord]

This makes the tag suitable for use in harsh environments such as animal livestock tagging.. []

If some term suitable for kitchen use could be found, half the difficulty would be over.. [Choice Cookery]

Mrs. Rushwood was crazy about titles, and she ran me round from court to court, always looking for what she called a suitable _pari_ for me.. [The Man with the Clubfoot]

The next day, which was fine, if not warm, the two started off with a certain amount of bustle and a bundle of rugs, Madame Frabelle in a short skirt with a maritime touch about the collar and what she called a suitable hat and a dark blue motor veil.. [Love at Second Sight]

Occasionally some would-be desperado or make-believe mighty hunter tries to adopt what he deems a title suitable to his prowess; but such an effort is never attempted in really wild places, where it would be greeted with huge derision; for all of these names that are genuine are bestowed by outsiders, with small regard to the wishes of the person named.. [Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches]

The technical sense is meant to make the term suitable for the needs of epistemology. [. [Epistemology]

"Pretty is indeed the term suitable for it, Madge.. [Marguerite Verne]

"What makes a setting suitable is its use of the designated text.". [What is Alius Cantus Aptus?]

They might be cut up in suitable lots, if the fashion were once set, and many a man might be making provision for his family at odd times with his notes as an artist does with his sketches.. [2009 April 08 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS]

We are told, in suitable academic style, of GDP factor breakdowns including such things as the labor force and its productivity which breaks down further to the number of working-age people and hours worked per worker, productivity, technical changes and capital-output ratios.. [About: Blinded by Science]

People paid vast sums so their spawn could take hard drugs in suitable company, draw from life on their laptops, do radical things with video cameras and caulk.. [Excerpt: The Ask by Sam Lipsyte]

Well we cant call them working class as they dont, never have and never will work, so the only description suitable is underclass, well done Sir Norman, perhaps some of IGs descriptions wouldnt go a miss either. on December 7, 2008 at 10: 38 pm | Reply Dorset Cop. [Find Shannon « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Old wood, non re-usable beams are sawn in suitable length and burnt in our woodburner.. [vert - French Word-A-Day]

Suitable Translates

TurkishSuitable English to Turkish Translate
s. uygun, münasip, yerinde . suitabil'ity, suitableness i. uygunluk. suitably z. uygun bir şekilde, yerinde.s. uygun, münasip, yerinde . suitabil'ity, suitableness i. uygunluk. suitably z. uygun bir şekilde, yerinde.

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  • Pronunciations(so͞oˈtə-bəl)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation suit a ble


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