Definitions and meanings of "Superfluity"

What do we mean by superfluity?

The quality or condition of being superfluous. noun

Something superfluous. noun

Overabundance; excess. noun

A quantity that is superfluous or in excess; a greater quantity than is wanted; superabundance; redundancy. noun

That which is in excess of what is wanted; especially, something used for show or luxury rather than for comfort or from necessity; something that could easily be dispensed with. noun

A greater quantity than is wanted; superabundance noun

The state or quality of being superfluous; excess. noun

Something beyond what is needed; something which serves for show or luxury. noun

The quality or state of being superfluous; in excess or overabundance. noun

Something superfluous, as a luxury. noun

Collective noun for a group of nuns. noun

Extreme excess noun

The quality or state of being superfluous; overflowingness.

Something superfluous, as a luxury.

Collective noun for a group of nuns.

Unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.  Urban Dictionary

Surplus to requirement; unnecessary; in excess of that which is strictly demanded by the situation, circumstances or context. Not needed. Verbose (where the superfluous use of excessive linguistic padding manifests itself).  Urban Dictionary

More than enough, more than required, extra  Urban Dictionary

Extra; Uneccassary  Urban Dictionary

It’s means there is too much of something in an unnecessary way  Urban Dictionary

A word often used by a know-it-all wannabe in an attempt to sound smart.  Urban Dictionary

The need to always be prepare.; Going beyond what is enough or necessary. To have the ability to love completely or not at all. Emotions are black and white. Shoots from the hip, has the need for personal space, to take time to educate each and every moment; to giggle at any given chance, and takes the time to smile and dance. the quality of being stong, thoughtful,considerate, determined  Urban Dictionary

An third, or extra nipple  Urban Dictionary

To use the Internet for no real purpose other than personal entertainment  Urban Dictionary

Normally found in Australia at festivals, on the side of the road, at a bus stop or in the middle of the desert. One of a pair of thongs, the most common of all Australian footwear and always there is only one... No one ever knows where the other one is. Common Australian beleif is that every now and then a thong gets sent back through space and time as an exchange for all the socks that dissapear...  Urban Dictionary

The word "superfluity" in example sentences

How to use superfluity in a sentence? Example sentences with the superfluity, a sentence example for superfluity, and how to make superfluity in sample sentence, how do I use the word superfluity in a sentence? How do you spell superfluity in a sentence?

And so-called superfluity is agreeable and usefully disposed of. ❋ Sayers, Dorothy L.Lord Peter 03 (1988)

_Mercury_ is found in one, the _Sulphur_ in another, and the _Salt_ in a third; yet I tell you, this is only to be understood of their superfluity, which is found to abound most in each, and may be used and prepared divers ways particularly with profit, both for Physick and transmutation of Metals; but the Universal, which is the supreamest ❋ Basilius Valentinus (N/A)

When to that is added the mistake that my superfluity is the cause of your deficiency, it becomes intelligible why you and those who sympathise with you in your sufferings should call for division of property -- absolutely equal division. ❋ Theodor Hertzka (1884)

It is worthy of remark that salt diminishes, in a very striking degree, the pungency of the aji; and it is still more remarkable that the use of the latter, which in a manner may be called a superfluity, has no injurious effect on the digestive organs. ❋ Johann Jakob Von Tschudi (1853)

And when the intestinal absorbents act too violently, as when too great quantities of fluid have been drank, the urinary absorbents invert their motions to carry off the superfluity, which is a new circumstance of association, and a temporary diabetes supervenes. ❋ Erasmus Darwin (1766)

'insistency,' and which many would call superfluity, and which _is_ superfluous in a sense -- _you_ can pardon, because you understand. ❋ Robert Browning (1850)

Besides, as the body gets warm with exercise in walking, this air, by sucking out the humours from the frame, diminishes their superabundance, and disperses and thus reduces that superfluity which is more than the body can bear. ❋ Vitruvius Pollio (N/A)

It would be a work of social regeneration to convince the public of the economy they might effect by such practises, to show them that elegance and propriety in themselves cost nothing -- nay, more, that they demand simplicity and moderation, and therefore exclude all that superfluity which is so expensive. ❋ Maria Montessori (1911)

Thus there was a "superfluity" of about ten days in every lunar year, or about one lunation in every third year; not to mention that a "mansion" was about a day longer than a lunation, and that therefore the husbandman was liable to be thrown out of his reckoning. ❋ Edward Harper Parker (1887)

Sheep have in their fleeces a superfluity which is not for them, and which still grows and renews, as it were to invite men to shear them every year. ❋ Fran��ois De Salignac De La Mothe- F��nelon (1683)

And _he_ had a right to speak, I can tell you, because he shared his 'superfluity' with others. " ❋ Bj��rnstjerne Bj��rnson (1871)

SLRC - Sometimes Life Requires Consequences: The superfluity of sound in Gears of War 2 skip to main | skip to sidebar ❋ Ben Abraham (2009)

It gives us the ability to get past digressions and superfluity. ❋ Unknown (2011)

There was also the superfluity of yet another award for Sir Steven Redgrave, former BBC sports personality award winner and also albeit often overlooked Celebrity Gladiators champion 1996. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Robson of course is a former Arsenal favourite turned ruminative jobbing pundit but Boyce is a new one on me, albeit it is impossible to keep track of the suffocating superfluity of football commentators, a side product of the digital age where the commentator has been hothoused and battery-farmed, mercilessly cloned in great striding secret stormtrooper columns. ❋ Unknown (2012)

Her books contain infernal hints, Christological echoes, centaurs, phoenixes, house-elves and Moaning Myrtle — a postmodern superfluity of myth and invention into which she dips and dips and keeps on dipping, because it will never be exhausted, and it will never quite add up. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Her physicality not only turns our gaze away from her sorrow, but the sheer superfluity of this detail helps to disguise that this is a pivotal point in the plot—not unlike the magician waving a red kerchief in his right hand so you overlook the canary in his left. ❋ Jennifer Vanderbes (2011)

We always had a superfluity given that dad always over-sowed and had buckets of stems to give away to the (fleeing) neighbors. ❋ Jean (2009)

A contemporary offshoot of Aquinas' teaching on superfluity, adjusted to meet the realities of modern day capitalism, is the moral notion of the "preferential option for the poor," found for example in the 1986 U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops' pastoral letter, "Economic Justice for All." ❋ Frank G. Kirkpatrick (2011)

That concept goes by the odd name of "superfluity" or, as we would put it today "superfluous wealth". ❋ Frank G. Kirkpatrick (2011)

"the purchaser should [avoid] [asking] for superfluous [information]" ❋ Lbcfirepie (2018)

The second [identical] definition of the same [word was] utterly superfluous: [the third], even more so. ❋ The Horn (2006)

May you have superfluous [dreams] [tonite]; I wish you superfluous weatlh, joy, [peace], etc. ❋ Yk3 (2004)

"That [comment] about your [wang] [issues] were completely Superfluous." ❋ Tricky (2003)

Guy: These [ribbons] are [superfluous] Girl: no they [aren]’t ❋ Blah Blah 3215 (2019)

Person 1: "You know, some people consider me a genius." Person 2: "Yeah right! I've seen garden [hoses] with more [braincells] then you." Person 1: "[How very] superfluous of you." Person 2: "You have absolutely no idea what that means, do you?" Person 1: "..." ❋ Shquiggles (2009)

superfluous [superfly], superfluouss [sexy], superfluous [superstar] ❋ Terryl (2010)

There was that one [badguy] from that [bond] [film] who had a superfluous papula. ❋ Anarchy_Creator (2005)

Person 1 : "Where's Dave?" Person 2 : "He's been [upstairs] superfluous internetting for like 2 hours now - lets try and guess what stupid and [pointless] facts he's [learnt]" ❋ Tedsville (2010)

"hey [Brendon] what is that you are wearing on your hand?" "its a [superfluous thong] I just found over by that beer [tent]" ❋ Jikella (2009)

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