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Definitions of "supplement"

  • Something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole. noun
  • A section added to a book or document to give further information or to correct errors. noun
  • A separate section devoted to a special subject inserted into a periodical, such as a newspaper. noun
  • Mathematics The angle or arc that when added to a given angle or arc makes 180° or a semicircle. Also called supplementary angle. noun
  • To provide or form a supplement to. verb-transitive
  • Something added, especially to make up for a deficiency. noun
  • An extension to a document or publication that adds information, corrects errors or brings up to date. noun
  • An additional section of a newspaper devoted to a specific subject. noun
  • An angle that, when added to a given angle, makes 180°; a supplementary angle. noun
  • : A vitamin, herbal extract, or chemical compound included with a diet to enhance muscular development. noun
  • To provide or make a supplement to something. verb
  • That which supplies a deficiency, or meets a want; a store; a supply. noun
  • That which fills up, completes, or makes an addition to, something already organized, arranged, or set apart; specifically, a part added to, or issued as a continuation of, a book or paper, to make good its deficiencies or correct its errors. noun
  • The number of degrees which, if added to a specified arc, make it 180°; the quantity by which an arc or an angle falls short of 180 degrees, or an arc falls short of a semicircle. noun
  • To fill up or supply by addition; to add something to. verb-transitive
  • To fill up or supply by additions; add something to, as to a writing, etc.; make up deficiencies in.
  • An addition to anything, by which it is made more full and complete; particularly, an addition to a book or paper. noun
  • Store; supply. noun
  • In trigonometry, the quantity by which an angle or an arc falls short of 180° or a semicircle. noun

The word "supplement" in example sentences

At the same time, most studies agree that we don't get enough vitamins from our diets, so a good multivitamin supplement is advised.. [Vitamins]

The word "supplement" in v5 is the Greek word επιχορηγησατε, which describes one who gives lavishly and generously.. [Possessing the Treasure]

So corn as a nutrional supplement is not only wasted money from you, but it is also wasted on the deer except in harsh winter conditions where it may save their lives, but that is a whole other data set.. [Do Feeders Grow Big Racks?]

Another bottle had contained a vitamin supplement called Super-Vit.. [Too much to post, not enough time]

The editor of the Times books supplement is obviously a reader of Petrona, because in the "hot type" industry column this week are two stories you read here first: the woman who was rude about bloggers as book reviewers while her publicist was asking them to review her latest book; and the Harry Potter bookshelf poetry competition.. [Miscellaneous]

But anyone who studies preterm birth knows its multifactorial and there will be no magic bullet that is as simple to administer as a vitamin supplement (same with autism and c-section, for that matter).. [Vitamin D Deficiency and Bacterial Vaginosis - Causality or Guilt by Association?]

Rather than pinning all of our hopes on natural gas, it should be approached as a short-term supplement to oil amid the transition to lasting renewable energy sources.. [Steve Hallett and John Wright: Time Got It Wrong: Natural Gas Is No Panacea for Our Energy Crisis]

They buy a supplement from the private market for the balance.. [Math check (Jack Bog's Blog)]

Garden of Life Inc. is recalling name protein supplement bars.. [Items under the peanut recall | In Depth -]

My motivated Type-A infertility patients come to my office armed with a list of every drug or vitamin supplement they have taken in the past year.. [A Team of One]

I think this is where the race argument rings true (though I think it is in supplement to his core appeal as opposed to constituting his core electoral appeal).. [Archive 2008-03-01]

The biomass left-over from oil-pressing can either be fed to cattle as a protein supplement, or fermented into ethanol.. [First Algae Biodiesel Plant Goes Online « Isegoria]

But the package amount on a calcium supplement is a higher total amount, only 20-40% of which is elemental calcium.. [Milk-Alkali Syndrome]

Contrary to claims of some protein supplement companies, consuming extra protein does nothing to bulk up muscle unless you are also doing significant weight training at the same time.. [Dispelling The Top 10 Nutrition Myths | Impact Lab]

True Statement: Russel Crowe tastes his own semen to check his vitamin supplement levels.. [NORTON, PITT OUT – AFFLECK, CROWE IN]

A fine supplement is Cathleen Rountree's interview with director Sophie Fiennes.. [GreenCine Daily: Interview. Sophie Fiennes.]

Supplement Translates

TurkishSupplement English to Turkish Translate
i., f. ilâve, ek; zeyil; mat. bütünler açı; f. ilâve etmek, eklemek; doldurmak. supplemen'tal, supplemen'tary s. ilâve olan, bütünleyici; mat. bütünleyen, tamamlayan. supplementa'tion i. ekleme, ek, ilave, zeyil.i., f. ilâve, ek; zeyil; mat. bütünler açı; f. ilâve etmek, eklemek; doldurmak. supplemen'tal, supplemen'tary s. ilâve olan, bütünleyici; mat. bütünleyen, tamamlayan. supplementa'tion i. ekleme, ek, ilave, zeyil.

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  • Pronunciations(sŭpˈlə-mənt)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation sup ple ment


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