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Definitions of "supplemented"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of supplement. verb

The word "supplemented" in example sentences

First, the public will want to be assured that the system under which incomes are supported, or "guaranteed", for those who are unable to work or who are retired, and under which the incomes of the lowest paid working families are supplemented, is both fair and equitable.. [Social Security in Canada—the Challenge Ahead]

The body of fables current in the Middle Ages is considered by the most recent investigators to descend from the collection of Phaedrus, though probably supplemented from the Greek collection independently formed by. [Latin Literature]

The headings of articles are supplemented from the Latin editions.. [The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches.]

WHEN THUS SUPPLEMENTED, he says, supplemented, that is, by all the remedies that THE OTHER PHENOMENA may supply.. [Pragmatism]

The offer is being made only through the prospectus as supplemented, which is part of a shelf registration statement that became effective on May 9, 2011.. []

The offer is being made only through the prospectus as supplemented, which is part of a shelf registration statement that became effective on August 17, 2009.. [Western Gas Partners Announces Closing of Common Unit Issuance Under Over-Allotment Option - Yahoo! Finance]

The offer was made only through the prospectus as supplemented, which is part of a shelf registration statement that became effective on August 17, 2009.. [ News Articles]

• Rewilding and Buzzword supplemented by Godolphin• Aidan O. [St Nicholas Abbey continues to drift in Derby betting market]

However, they never substituted science with them, they "supplemented" them, or so they taught me.. [At the Guys Work Alone Cafe...]

Adding melamine to milk can make it appear to be richer in protein, and Chinese dairy producers allegedly 'supplemented' protein levels in milk by adding melamine to it after the milk was diluted with water.. [My Sinchew -]

A great number of freedmen also supplemented their wages by another entirely un-American means.. [A Renegade History of the United States]

On the macroscopic scale, for most problems in celestial mechanics, Newtons theory of gravity, supplemented by treating relativistic effects as a small (very small) perturbation and irregularities in the mass distribution of gravitating bodies as multipole effects works extremely well.. [Matthew Yglesias » Cato’s David Boaz Joins George Will in Peddling Bogus “Global Cooling” Stories]

And that Line of Credit has long been supplemented by bank loans and additional lines of credit.. [Women Grow Business » You Would Have Thought the Money Was Made of Rubber Bands: CEO Marissa Levin on Starting Her Business from a Costco Line of Credit]

Comprised of more than 100 sculptures, drawings, paintings and photographs, this sprawling exhibition tells the fascinating story of the young man who started as a welder at the Studebaker automobile factory in Indiana and later, in the 1940's, supplemented his meager artist's income as a welder in a New York factory that made army tanks.. [Edward Goldman: Brutal and Delicate: Artists Throw Punches]

Chorale members were arrayed along the side aisles of Disney Hall's central area and sang antiphonally, supplemented with pounding percussion and gongs.. [Rodney Punt: Bridges to Somewhere: Master Chorale Embraces Worlds in Los Angeles]

Those three were also supplemented by Park Ji-sung, who is such a willing grafter.. [Manchester United's dominance built on industry of Wayne Rooney]

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