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Definitions of "sure"

  • Confident, as of something awaited or expected. adjective
  • Impossible to doubt or dispute; certain. adjective
  • adjective
  • Bound to come about or happen; inevitable. adjective
  • Having one's course directed; destined or bound. adjective
  • adjective
  • Certain not to miss, slip, or err; steady. adjective
  • Not hesitating or wavering; firm. adjective
  • adjective
  • Worthy of being trusted or depended on; reliable. adjective
  • Free from or marked by freedom from doubt. adjective
  • Careful to do something. adjective
  • Free from harm or danger; safe. adjective
  • Surely; certainly. adverb
  • (for sure) Certainly; unquestionably. idiom
  • (make sure) To establish something without doubt; make certain. idiom
  • (sure enough) As one might have expected; certainly. idiom
  • (to be sure) Indeed; certainly. idiom
  • To assure; make certain.

The word "sure" in example sentences

The problem with most "act now, just in case" demands and figuring that the "just in case" is considered a lie to suck in the skeptics... there is no "in case" because it's a sure thing is that the changes either won't do what they supposedly are supposed to do or would actually make it worse *and* that every "solution" invariably will cause *for sure* harm to economies and real people will suffer.. ["Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers...."]

I'm not sure that the two gents, hot as they are, qualify as "younger" but it seems the "hipster" part is covered by the Loverboy t-shirt, worn, I'm *sure*, in a "Hahahaha, they're so bad, they're good" kind of ironic way.. [Meredith Monk and The Integrals]

Is yet one more reason beyond what I blogged why I am just not so sure even good enough moms like me will be *for sure* going to Heaven.. [Heaven Can Wait]

"I warn't sure, sir," faltered Nance, whose honor had outweighed her longing for money and the comfort it would bring, and had brought her through the long city to seek the rightful owner of the thimble -- "I warn't _sure_; but I knew her name, for herself an 'a gennelman came onst to see mother long ago.". [Harper's Young People, February 24, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly]

Work your way up during these five years into Mr. Van Ostend's confidence, and I am sure, _sure_, that by that time he will have something for you that will satisfy even your young ambition.. [Flamsted quarries]

"I'm sure he will, little sweetheart I'm _sure_ he will.". [A Fool There Was]

"You are sure he is married, Sara, -- _quite sure_?". [The Hermit of Far End]

Even now, I can't be sure you love me -- not _sure!. [Nocturne]

_ That's the word I found to say it; she's sure -- sure -- _sure!. [King Coal : a Novel]

"Father Davy, are you sure, _sure_?" begged his daughter.. [Under the Country Sky]

I'm sure -- remember, _sure to a moral certainty_ -- that he left. [A Man of the People A Drama of Abraham Lincoln]

"You're sure -- _sure_ you won't let anything drop, by mistake?". [The Guests Of Hercules]

For there is no desolation of heart to those who part at night to meet again in the morning; there may be loneliness and a reaching out after, and sometimes an unutterable longing for the morning, but to those who are sure, _sure_ beyond the possibility of a doubt, that the eternal morning _will_ dawn, and dawn for them, there is never again a desolation.. [The Chautauqua Girls At Home]

"Oh, I was sure, _sure_ I couldn't live long without you," she cried, hugging him close and ending with a burst of tears and sobs.. [Elsie's New Relations]

It was natural for her to believe that those were right in whom she most believed; and I'm not sure we are right -- I'm not _sure_.. [His Sombre Rivals]

And if Effie brings me a book, such a book as I like, I shall be sure, _sure_.. [Christie Redfern's Troubles]

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