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Definitions of "surgery"

  • The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of injury, deformity, and disease by the use of instruments. noun
  • noun
  • Treatment based on such medicine, typically involving the removal or replacement of diseased tissue by cutting. noun
  • A procedure that is part of this treatment; an operation. noun
  • An operating room or a laboratory of a surgeon or of a hospital's surgical staff. noun
  • noun
  • A physician's, dentist's, or veterinarian's office. noun
  • The period during which a physician, dentist, or veterinarian consults with or treats patients in the office. noun
  • The work of a surgeon; surgical care; therapy of a distinctly operative kind, such as cutting-operations, the reduction and putting up of fractures and dislocations, and similar manual forms of treatment. noun
  • Pl. surgeries (-iz). A place where surgical operations are performed, or where medicines are prepared; in Great Britain, the consulting-office and dispensary of a general practitioner. noun
  • See the adjectives. noun
  • The art of healing by manual operation; that branch of medical science which treats of manual operations for the healing of diseases or injuries of the body; that branch of medical science which has for its object the cure of local injuries or diseases, as wounds or fractures, tumors, etc., whether by manual operation or by medicines and constitutional treatment. noun
  • A surgeon's operating room or laboratory. noun
  • A procedure involving major incisions to remove, repair, or replace a part of a body. noun
  • The medical specialty related to the performance of surgical procedures. noun
  • A room or department where surgery is performed. noun
  • A doctor's consulting room. noun
  • Any arrangement where people arrive and wait for an interview with certain people, similar to a doctor's surgery. noun
  • A pre-packaged bankruptcy or "quick bankruptcy". noun

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@Slim10911 I Done Had Surgery And Everything And I Feel Like I’m Losing It Cause I Don’t Eat And My Job Is Really Active 😒


I found out I’m having a knee surgery and have asthma within the same month but like who still wants to go on a run tho


@NHLBruins: An additional injury update per #NHLBruins GM Don Sweeney: John Moore suffered an injury on Apr. 6 in the final game of the…

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