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Definitions of "surprising"

  • Present participle of surprise. verb
  • The action of the verb to surprise. noun
  • That is or are a surprise. adjective
  • Exciting surprise; extraordinary; of a nature to excite wonder and astonishment adjective
  • Exciting surprise; extraordinary; astonishing; of a nature to call out wonder or admiration: as, surprising bravery; a surprising escape.
  • Synonyms Strange, Curious, etc. See wonderful.
  • causing surprise or wonder or amazement adjective

The word "surprising" in example sentences

The term "surprising" has lots of connotations, but.... [The Full Feed from]

The word "surprising," used to describe the size of that month's price jump, recurs with surprising frequency.. ['Dear Chancellor']

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, told reporters that U.S. and NATO forces are making what he called surprising progress in traditional Taliban strongholds in southern Afghanistan.. [Top US Military Officer Warns Violence Will Rise in Afghanistan]

CLANCY: It comes as NATO is considering sending more troops to Afghanistan after a top commander there said the Taliban is showing what he called a surprising level of resistance.. [CNN Transcript Sep 8, 2006]

He said the statement contained what he described as surprising information.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The statement contained what he described as surprising facts.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

Dr. Gilbert attributed the frequency, which she called surprising, to the fact that the hospital served an "amazingly international cross section of women of color.". [Medlogs - Recent stories]

In what he called a surprising move, School Board member Julie Lucas announced her resignation.. [News for]

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- A U.S. researcher, in what he calls a surprising finding, says females were more intense about online games.. [Latest News -]

A contributing editor of the magazine, David Roberts, encountered what he called a surprising backlash and even threats after writing the story last spring, but not on scientific grounds.. [ Top Stories]

The problem is what he called a surprising lack of information about 836 mammal species.. [Top Stories - Google News]

Which means that at the end of City Without End, even though several story lines have been concluded, a couple in surprising and dramatic fashion, the crux of the problem still remains.. [Archive 2009-07-01]

Someone get this asshole's voting record on gay rights. anon wrote on August 27, 2007 5: 44 PM: what I find surprising is how quickly the officer revealed he was undercover.. [Election Central | Talking Points Memo | GOP Senator Larry Craig Arrested For "Lewd Conduct" In Men's Room]

I find more surprising is that AT&T is slowing down its U-verse rollout.. [AT&T’s Slowing Down on U-verse]

What I find more surprising is that AT&T is slowing down its U-verse rollout.. [Ma Bell and Its Vanishing Phone Lines]

These boasts are not surprising, coming from the Party of No. But what's also not surprising is what the electorate is doing in this, and in every recent, federal midterm election.. [Laura Flanders: Three Polls and One Book to Remember While Watching Results]

Surprising on Social Media

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@BTSGlobalNoona: Nothing is gonna be more surprising than BTS World being released. #BTSWorld @BTS_twt


@skisidjames: What may seem surprising to some voters is that, amid the row over the funding of free TV licences for the elderly, it has…


@skisidjames: What may seem surprising to some voters is that, amid the row over the funding of free TV licences for the elderly, it has…


@KisiiFinest_: Buying the #ValentikaWithGiftPesa voucher is this easy. Feeling like surprising that one significant other? Jisort na @Gi…


@sambitswaraj @BJP4India Sambit Patra ji, these tricks are not going to work anymore. A lot of water has flown thro…

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Surprising Word Data

  • PronunciationsS ER0 P R AY1 Z IH0 NG
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation sur pris ing


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