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Suyu Suyu (Inca Empire), region or province of the Inca Empire Suyu District, in Suqian, Jiangsu, China Suyu-dong, a dong, neighbourhood of Gangbuk-gu in Seoul, South Korea Suyu Station, on the Seoul Subway Line 4, South Korea.

What does the word suyu mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word suyu in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with suyu and anagrams of suyu.

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    Çok güzel olmuş bu tür işleri meyve suyu ve kola şişelerinde de görmek isteriz :D perezvila™ 22 days ago totally loved this one!. [Binboa Kendi Şişeni Kendin Yarat Stop Motion Video on Vimeo]

    Bakteriler her yerde Dünya'da her ortamda, toprakta yetişen, asidik kaplıcaları, radyoaktif atık, deniz suyu, derin yer kabuğunun içinde.. [ 2007 »Mart»]

    The second was entrusted to a captain named Uturuncu Achachi, who entered Anti-suyu by a town they call Amaru.. [History of the Incas]

    Sun all things necessary for its services, besides which, after he came from Colla-suyu, he presented many things brought from there for the image of the Sun, and for the mummies of his ancestors which were kept in the House of the Sun.. [History of the Incas]

    He determined that there should be a visitation, and named his uncle Huaman Achachi to conduct it in Chinchay-suyu as far as. [History of the Incas]

    Quito, he himself undertaking the region of Colla-suyu.. [History of the Incas]

    He next went to Anti-suyu and Alayda, by way of Collao and Charcas.. [History of the Incas]

    When Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui returned from the conquest of Colla-suyu and the neighbouring provinces, as has been narrated in the preceding chapter, he was well stricken in years, though not tired of wars, nor was his thirst for dominion satisfied.. [History of the Incas]

    This detachment consisted of Cuzco _orejones_, and men of Chinchay-suyu.. [History of the Incas]

    Chinchay-suyu turned, desolating and destroying everything in the land of the Cayambis.. [History of the Incas]

    To the south of Cuzco there was a province called Colla-suyu or Collao, consisting of plain country, which was very populous.. [History of the Incas]

    Inca Yupanqui they came to submit with the rest of Cunti-suyu.. [History of the Incas]

    This Chuchi Ccapac increased so much in power and wealth among those nations of Colla-suyu, that he was respected by all the Collas, who called him Inca Ccapac.. [History of the Incas]

    With similar cruelties in all the towns, the Inca reduced to pay tribute the Cotabambas, Cotaneras, Umasayus, and Aymaracs, being the principal provinces of Cunti-suyu.. [History of the Incas]

    Coaquiri, he who, as we have said, fled from Anti-suyu.. [History of the Incas]

    This news reached Tupac Inca in Anti-suyu where he was in the career of conquest.. [History of the Incas]

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