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The word "swan-neck" in example sentences

The verified empirically scientific theory is "non-life tends to remain non-life" and this was the case since Pasteur's famous swan-neck flask experiments where he "pasteurized" away the bacteria. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Because of the horns, the instrument had a "swan-neck"-like curve in it. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Who loves not swan-neck and gazelle-like eyes, iii. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Each print was framed in the same way, and had a swan-neck light curling out of the wall above it. ❋ Noah Charney (2007)

My grandmother was named Edith... evokes Eadytha of the swan-neck. ❋ Carla (2006)

He stooped, and blew upon the dusty stone, and as the dust flew away from his breath, a shining bronze swan-neck was revealed. ❋ Hobb, Robin (2005)

The swan-neck cock made a slight creaking noise as it compressed the mainspring, then there was a click as the pawl took the strain and Hagman hinged the backsight up as high as it would go, then lined its notch with the blade-sight dovetailed at the muzzle. ❋ Cornwell, Bernard (2003)

Out in the lake a humped back broke surface, glistening grey like wet slate, and a long swan-neck lifted in a shining rain of droplets, casting about. ❋ Rohan, Michael Scott, 1951- (1992)

The glass was covered with a graceful design in moldings, and the pediments were of various shapes, the swan-neck being a favorite. ❋ Lucy Abbot Throop (N/A)

The room was not exactly modern, not quite Colonial and just a little short of French Empire; the furnishings presented straight planes and swan-neck supports, black mirrors and electric hurricane lamps, chromium and tapestry; there was unity in a single attribute: in the expensiveness of everything. ❋ Rand, Ayn (1943)

Mr. Beeton whipped the revolver out of its place on the top of the package, and Dick drove his hand among the khaki coat and breeches, the blue cloth leg-bands, and the heavy flannel shirts doubled over a pair of swan-neck spurs. ❋ Rudyard Kipling (1900)

A few disordered movements betray a brief excitement on the part of the mollusc and then everything ceases: the foot no longer slugs; the front-part loses its graceful swan-neck curve; the tentacles become limp and give way under their weight, dangling feebly like a broken stick. ❋ Jean-Henri Fabre (1869)

At the time, he was leaning over the rail at the boat's side, in his pensiveness, unmindful of another pensive figure near -- a young gentleman with a swan-neck, wearing a lady-like open shirt collar, thrown back, and tied with a black ribbon. ❋ Unknown (1857)

Her nose was perfectly straight; her teeth were white and even, and the graceful arching of her swan-neck imparted something of nobility to her tall, sylph-like, and exquisitely proportioned figure. ❋ Unknown (1846)

Also behold the fair swan-bevies of Citoyennes that have alighted in Churches, and sit there with swan-neck, -- sewing tents and regimentals! ❋ Thomas Carlyle (1838)

In 2007, Freeman started paying close attention to the swan-neck kettles used for filter coffee. ❋ By OLIVER STRAND (2011)

Stylish stainless steel recliners surround the Hydrotherapy Pool, while a unique swan-neck water-fountain in white-chalk stone, and elegant foot baths complete the serene luxurious setting. ❋ K-West Hotel (2010)

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