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Definitions of "swaths"

  • Plural form of swath. noun

The word "swaths" in example sentences

There are many areas, such as swaths of North Darfur, which are relatively secure.. [The U.N. Is Making a Difference in Darfur]

The goal post will be auctioned off, as will items such as swaths of turf from either end zone bearing the teams 'logos.. [Brownsville Herald :]

(This version CORRECTS spelling to 'swaths' graf 8). []

Palin's staff are withholding "swaths" of emails exchanged among Palin and top staff.. [ZDNet Government]

In big swaths of the country people felt that the federal government had no constitutional right to intercede in their jurisdiction.. [The Good Fight]

The reason is that the top and bottom tenths technically, the top and bottom deciles are the most distinctive swaths of the population.. [American Grace]

If we step back into the pretelephone era, we see that English was already long on the move over significant swaths of the globe.. [The English Is Coming!]

There are significant swaths of the United States of America where one can barely pull in a signal—or gets no bars at all.. [In the Plex]

The perceived tranquillity, the silence, the old family homes, the meth labs and poverty and giant swaths of corn-infested, shit-covered nowhere, lives intersecting and connecting through pure habit.. [So Much Pretty]

By midafternoon, the smell of tear gas wafted over large swaths of Athens.. [Vote Calms Markets—for Now]

Police placed wide swaths of Rome off limits to private cars to ensure security for the estimated 16 heads of state, eight prime ministers and five members of European royal houses attending.. [Pope Beatifies Predecessor]

Spending cuts will force 'swaths of universities' to close. [Letters: Join the fight for education and jobs]

He and his family held close control over politics and major swaths of the economy, diplomats here say.. [Tunisians Oust President]

Wayne Du Plooy European settlers often broke away from the wagon tracks to kloof, helping fill out blank swaths of 19th- and early 20th-century maps.. [Up and Down Canyons]

European settlers often broke away from the wagon tracks to kloof, helping fill out blank swaths of 19th- and early 20th-century maps.. [Between a Rock and a Waterfall]

Investors, wary of many European banks' holdings of debt issued by troubled euro-zone governments, are shunning large swaths of the sector.. [Fed Eyes European Banks]

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@ipfconline1: #Privacy of #Wearables & Sensors Data (or the Lack Thereof?) 👇 Can #AI expose sensitive health information of large swaths…


@cobblepotcrazed And again, if I was scared of walking past where someone was murdered, I wouldn’t be comfortable i…


@cobblepotcrazed If I got scared every time I walked past where someone got murdered, I wouldn’t be able to walk ar…


@IntrepidKeith USMCA was review by Chamber & Union leaders and the both liked it. NAFTA was a nightmare I lived thr…


First no crypto companies, now no Amazon. NY State is on a roll. Businesses can move easily, whole swaths of neig…

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