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Definitions and meanings of "Swaybar"

What do we mean by swaybar?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word swaybar. Define swaybar, swaybar synonyms, swaybar pronunciation, swaybar translation, English dictionary definition of swaybar.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Swaybar

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The word "swaybar" in example sentences

Wilwood 4 piston aluminium calipers with aluminum hats up front and rear with over sized rotors, adjustable rear swaybar. ❋ Racer-wrx (2010)

Also the tuner upgraded the suspension with new springs, front anti-swaybar, ❋ Simona (2010)

I know it knocked the swaybar tube and the whole swaybar out of it and the whole left-front wheel assembly, but I'm still in one piece so it did its job. ❋ Unknown (2010)

CUSCO 04 STI rear sway bar, just the swaybar, no mounts or bushings. ❋ GhostRide (2010)

The Racecomp Engineering swaybar set will work well with stock springs, lowering springs, or coilovers. ❋ Dalesalignment (2010)

To handle the power and torque delivered to the larger wheels the suspension was upgraded with new springs, front anti-swaybar, Carbon Fiber Front Strut Braces and Racing Rear Toe Links to put the power to the ground. ❋ Simona (2010)

Front and Rear 22mm swaybar set - $450 shipped in the 48 states ❋ Z1 Performance (2010)

GSR 24mm front swaybar, new oem mount bushings and endlink bushings asking $80 obo ❋ Unknown (2010)

USED 3-way adjustable aftermarket swaybar for my 02 WRX. ❋ KitchenerWRX (2010)

I had this whiteline 24mm adjustable rear swaybar on my 06 wrx for less than 3k miles it still looks brand new. ❋ Dirtyhobo010 (2010)

Featuring carefully chosen swaybar rates and a tubular design, these swaybars weigh less than other solid bars with a similar stiffness. ❋ Dalesalignment (2010)

The GT500 also gets the same front setup as on the KR for better roll control: decreasing front swaybar thickness by 0.5 mm in order to reduce understeer, and a steering shaft stiffener. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I thought that I might have put the bolt on backwards and that was why it was so close to the wheel ... so I put the car back up and disconnected the swaybar from the endlinks, took out the endlinks and replaced them with some kartyboy endlinks that I stole from my younger brother ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bottoming is virtually eliminated, and the stiff chassis and new swaybar setup keep the sled flat through turns for enhanced handling.

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