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    Posted in swedish, sweet, weird swedish food on October 4, 2007 | 2 Comments ». [October « 2007 « Were rabbits]

    Posted in swedish, sweet, vegetarian, weird swedish food | 1 Comment. [New category: Weird Swedish Food « Were rabbits]

    Posted in swedish, sweet, vegetarian, weird swedish food on August 18, 2007 | 1 Comment ». [August « 2007 « Were rabbits]

    Posted in swedish, sweet, weird swedish food | 2 Comments. [Oct 4 – Kanelbullens dag! « Were rabbits]

    The creator, Peter Lothberg, is interwieved (in swedish) and we find out that the first thing he did after installing the huge contraption was to drive into town and purchase a computer to test it on, since his mom didn´t have one .... [Boing Boing]

    The site he is linking too, I have to say is a bit suspect. the data is probably correct, however much of if you glance over the rest of the site, and I while I am not an expert in swedish politics, it looks like a great deal of very far right blogging.. [Think Progress » VIDEO: Springsteen Hits Coulter, Defends Right To Take A Stand On Political Issues]

    The show is in swedish, but you'll get a chance to hear some new The Knife material.. [Hot butter is toast (Music (For Robots))]

    | Reply riksost: Yeah, and the fact that the girl is good-looking and blonde too The non photoshopped articles on the papers front seems to be in swedish as well as the yellow “don’t lend towards the door” - sign (“luta er ej mot dörren”) on the door in the background.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Awesome…]

    The endtables are what I would call swedish home, with wood tops and white bottoms in a classic style.. [madrigle Diary Entry]

    Same with Branagh as Wallender ... not a patch on the subtitled swedish versions where the characters and actors actually look and behave like they belong in the series and engender some empathy..... [The Guardian World News]

    Carl: My favorite blend is called the swedish brontosaurus and contains: artisanal cereal, choco cranberry, goji, mulberry, brazil nuts and macadamia.. [Blisstree]

    James, don´t know if you have read the excellent commentary on GJohn by the "swedish" scholar René Kieffer.. [Lincoln's Commentary on the Gospel of John]

    That's no crusty norwegian sailor dude, that's Petzal after using the swedish peni pump, my god look at the weight he's lost.. [Own Your Own Whale Gun]

    Yes | No | Report from matt wasson wrote 5 weeks 3 hours ago mouses, waxes, minnows, and a assortment of teardrops, and even some swedish pimples does the trick!. [happy ice fishing season!!! I have a few questions about warm water fish (i.e. panfish, and pickerel).]

    Posted in sweet, vegan, vegetarian, weird austrian food, weird swedish food, tagged chocolate, eiskonfekt, ice chocolate on December 23, 2009 | 6 Comments ». [December « 2009 « Were rabbits]

    This is not good for corporate (cartel) america and their foreign policies and investments with certain people in swedish society (heh like the paid off cops).. [Big 4 labels escalate attack on The Pirate Bay]

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    @D4D_Nepal: Come, join us for a highly interactive Data Talk with Fernanda Drumond of Gapminder on Friday, February 22 from 1:30 to 4:00…


    can lots of swedish people just follow me please i’d love that


    Swedish_tickler ふぁぼれよ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Start-up used teen climate activist to raise millions: Swedish paper


    @ianbremmer I think they are talking about Swedish-style democratic socialism with its heavy component of capitalism.

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