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Definitions of "sympathies"

  • Plural form of sympathy. noun

The word "sympathies" in example sentences

No -- even putting aside what you call my sympathies and my loyalty to the. [Saracinesca]

When talking with – or more commonly about – Obama, he's got terrorist sympathies, is intentionally running this country into the ground, is a closet socialist, is setting up death panels, blah blah blah.. [Clinton would 'look forward' to Palin sit down]

Knowledge about their political sympathies is further evidence;. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Lawyers, Treason, and Deception: A Response to Andrew McCarthy]

Thanks so much to Scott, the ELR team, and the earnest sympathies from the ELR fans.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Another sad day for ELR fans]

It's a lot of kvetching, all the more annoying because its demand on our sympathies is so obvious.. [Out of Our Dreams]

He was a man endowed to excite it in the most effective manner, to a degree fearful enough to win English sympathies despite his un-English faults.. [The Adventures of Harry Richmond — Complete]

We are conscious of no inclination to allow the unreasonable petulance into which the baffled hopes of a young and self-confident community have temporarily betrayed it to alienate our sympathies from the principles with which, whether it means so or not, its conduct in this struggle is inseparably identified.. [Northern Reverses.]

In this temperament those associations of motions, which are commonly termed sympathies, act with greater certainty and energy, as those between disturbed vision and the inversion of the motion of the stomach, as in sea-sickness; and the pains in the shoulder from hepatic inflammation.. [Zoonomia, Vol. I Or, the Laws of Organic Life]

He later explained he had misspoke and meant to say "sympathies" - but went on to make other blunders.. [How politicians reacted to Bhutto's murder]

Knowledge about their political sympathies is further evidence; it’s not the only evidence in existence.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Lawyers, Treason, and Deception: A Response to Andrew McCarthy]

As if to unsettle readerly sympathies from the start, Oates filters this account of what happened in Rocky Point Park through the scepticism of Teena’s neighbours, who recall what she was wearing (cut-off shorts and a vest), wonder why she would risk her daughter’s safety in the park after midnight and conclude that “she had it coming”.. [Book Reviewing]

I began reading about Indians when I was a boy and my sympathies were always with the underdog, so I warn you that what follows is not a scholarly objective study of the Huichol Indians (probably one of the most studied and least understood peoples on earth) but simply my personal opinions based on my experiences.. [The Huichol: personal reminiscences]

John McCain extended his sympathies, which is all well and good.. [Obama blasts McCain on energy, taxes]

But those who are less inclined to heed superstition, attribute it to some occult quality in the ground, and to somewhat of antipathy between it and the geese, such as they say is betwixt wolves and scyllaroots: for that such hidden tendencies and aversions, as we call sympathies and antipathies, are implanted in many things by provident Nature for the preservation of them, is a thing so evident, that everybody grants it. ". [Marmion]

Sebastian wondered if what he was going to hear would be the truth, or a fabrication to stir his so-called sympathies.. [Marriage Most Scandalous]

I understood at once — for my sympathies are your sympathies — why you wished to see her here before you pledged yourself to inviting Lady Glyde.. [The Woman in White]

Sympathies on Social Media

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@PaceTheRage @KristinLovgren Oh god I love Amelie SO MUCH. Sympathies to you!


Day 25 FX my sympathies... HC was born a rebel. #HeavenOfficialsBlessing #天官赐福 #TianGuanCiFu


@SpeltWithano: Oh dear @skynews ! Using the phrase "survived the battlefield" to describe unwanted filth Shamima Begum's activities is…


@nettygibby @manumarquez1986 @yashar It so isn't. No sympathies for terrorists.


@SpeltWithano: Oh dear @skynews ! Using the phrase "survived the battlefield" to describe unwanted filth Shamima Begum's activities is…

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