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What does the word synaptically mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word synaptically in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with synaptically and anagrams of synaptically.

Definitions of "synaptically"

  • At or by means of a synapse adverb
  • In a synaptic manner.

The word "synaptically" in example sentences

Indeed, some researchers have suggested that memories are synaptically reconfigured, or “reconsolidated,” every time they are invoked.. [World Wide Mind]

Or to put it in simpler terms: Glenn, it takes a little longer for evolution to occur than it takes for an inanely-poorly crafted thought to travel from your synaptically-arrested cerebrum to your food-face hole.. [Edward Murray: Other Things That Glenn Beck Has Never Seen]

They connected synaptically however, drove to his place and went to bed.. [Hot.]

I took this to show how we connect synaptically and also the consequences of small misfires.. [Passwords II]

The foaming bleeding heart nuvo-libs (Lyan is a member) trying to smear Alito are synaptically challenged blethering morons so far to the extreme left of mainstream America as to be off the scale.. [Think Progress » Alito is more conservative than Scalia.]

Add the JCW ingredients and stir for a Mini that handles synaptically quick.. [Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works]

Taking a slice of the same tissue, the scientists then applied small currents to subsets of neurons to see which other neurons responded and which of them were synaptically connected.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

"Using a unique method for revealing chains of synaptically linked neurons, we have demonstrated that the cerebellum and basal ganglia are actually interconnected and communicate with each other.". [ - latest science and technology news stories]

The main glutamate transporter GLT-1 is responsible for clearing synaptically released glutamate from the extracellular space and contributes to the shaping of glutamatergic transmission.. [Naturejobs - All Jobs]

Araque A (2005) Properties of synaptically evoked astrocyte calcium signal reveal synaptic information processing by astrocytes.. [PLoS Biology: New Articles]

PRV has a broad host range but does not infect higher-order primates, and it travels along chains of synaptically connected neurons.. [Science Blog]

As the animals used for this analysis were euthanized approximately 4 weeks after injury, it is possible that the neurons generated during the time of VPA administration (given during the first week of injury) had become synaptically integrated and were no longer doublecortin positive.. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

Altogether, these results suggest that both directly (DMV) and indirectly (IML) with the ENS synaptically connected structures harbour accumulated alpha-synuclein after rotenone administration.. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

Next, we wanted to determine whether the local effect of rotenone on the ENS could lead to alterations in the synaptically connected autonomic nervous system centers in the spinal cord and the brainstem (the IML and the DMV).. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

Rama is at the forefront of so-called "mind-mapping," in which the brain auto-repairs damaged connections through certain inputs, in this case a mirror reflection of a healthy appendage, processed optically and reinforced synaptically.. [Sentient Developments]

Modified form of GABA which works pre-synaptically to decrease release of excitatory transmitter. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

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By this time Pamela Hoffman-Jeep had succumbed to the highballs and her own swaddled warmth and was irreversibly sw…


@JohnCornyn BC Democrats are synaptically impaired.


A good number of them are now presenting as being synaptically challenged. We deserve much better.

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Synaptically Evoked Dendritic Spikes シナプスから喚起された樹状突起スパイク
Synaptically Evoked Dendritic Spikes シナプスから喚起された樹状突起スパイク
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