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A synthesizer or synthesiser (often abbreviated to synth) is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals that may be converted to sound. Synthesizers may imitate traditional musical instruments such as piano, flute, vocals, or natural sounds such as ocean waves; or generate novel electronic timbres. They are often played with a musical keyboard, but they can be controlled via a variety of other devices, including music sequencers, instrument controllers, fingerboards, guitar synthesizers, wind controllers, and electronic drums. Synthesizers without built-in controllers are often called sound modules, and are controlled via USB, MIDI or CV/gate using a controller device, often a MIDI keyboard or other controller. Synthesizers use various methods to generate electronic signals (sounds). Among the most popular waveform synthesis techniques are subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, frequency modulation synthesis, phase distortion synthesis, physical modeling synthesis and sample-based synthesis. Synthesizers were first used in pop music in the 1960s. In the late 1970s, synths were used in progressive rock, pop and disco. In the 1980s, the invention of the relatively inexpensive Yamaha DX7 synth made digital synthesizers widely available. 1980s pop and dance music often made heavy use of synthesizers. In the 2010s, synthesizers are used in many genres, such as pop, hip hop, metal, rock and dance. Contemporary classical music composers from the 20th and 21st century write compositions for synthesizer..

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Definitions of "synthesizer"

  • One that synthesizes: a synthesizer of others' ideas. noun
  • Music An electronic instrument, often played with a keyboard, that combines simple waveforms to produce more complex sounds, such as those of various other instruments. noun
  • An electronic instrument that creates its sounds with electronics and has a keyboard. noun
  • An electronic instrument module that creates its sounds with electronics and does not have any keyboard. noun
  • An electronic circuit that generates an electronic signal oscillation with accurate timing from a reference oscillator. noun
  • An electronic device that generates electronic signal patterns to test an electronic circuit. noun
  • In acoustics, an instrument for the production of complex tones of predetermined composition. noun
  • (music) an electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments noun
  • an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods noun

The word "synthesizer" in example sentences

It feels like a post including the Rutt-Etra synthesizer is incomplete without a mention of another amazing, early realtime video processor, the Daniel Sandin Image processor.. [- Boing Boing]

He can twitch his eyebrows and move his lips just a little bit, and has to speak through a computerized synthesizer, which is a voice we have all become familiar with.. [CNN Transcript Apr 26, 2007]

Next up: The Currah µSpeech Spectrum Speech synthesizer, which is also available on emulators.. [Behold the mighty SpecDrum]

It's called a synthesizer, but many of its sounds are of natural source.. [Fairlight Week: Pt 1: Buy Your Own!]

“The synthesizer is an electronic device that produces a computerized version of your voice,” the detective said.. [The Flower Man]

The quiet hum of the synthesizer was the only sound in the port fore-cabin.. [A Call to Arms]

We created the ring tone synthesizer, which is in every Nokia phone, and that became our business.. [The Full Feed from]

KAOSSILATOR PRO, the latest addition to the KAOSS family, is the evolution of the popular dynamic-phrase synthesizer and loop recorder that we all came to love back when it was a bright yellow brick back in 2007.. [PC World]

By today's standards however the synthesizer is a bit noisy and it can't match the current generation radios in sensitivity either (both are comparable to its same aged competitors).. [ News]

Anton Marini, a.k.a. vade, has released the first public beta of the v002 Rutt / Etra software synthesizer, which is a leap forward in the simulation of the original, badass analog video synthesizer.. [Create Digital Motion]

Granite is a granular synthesizer which is particularly suited for generating evolving, organic textures and atmospheres, but is .... [KVR News: Top Stories]

The XST VHDL synthesizer which is a component of the Xilinx ISE tools reports the results of the synthesis as being simply a multiplexor driven by a "less" comparison:. [MSDN Blogs]

Polyvoks Station VSTi was developed to be a musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

Polivoks is the portable electronic musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre.. [MATRIXSYNTH]

Here we get Mr. Roy Phillips working a funky groove on the organ (and some kind of synthesizer as well),. [Funky16Corners]

Tutu was promising, a kind of synthesizer suite for a great soloist, but when the band played live .... [PopMatters]

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TurkishSynthesizer English to Turkish Translate
sentezleyici. sentez yapıcı. pek çok farklı ses üretebilen, genellikle klavyeli olan elektronik müzik aleti.sentezleyici. sentez yapıcı. pek çok farklı ses üretebilen, genellikle klavyeli olan elektronik müzik aleti.

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