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  • Plural form of synthesizer. noun

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Can we reclaim the planet profitably, or not? ” “Sir, we will need 1748 atmospheric purifiers, 815 ozone regenerators, 2122 radiation neutralizers, over 5000 anti-toxin synthesizers, a full sub-space sterilization field, more than 14000†¦ ” “Mr.. [365 tomorrows » 2006 » September : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

The "infrequent albums" Shorter released during his fifteen years with Weather Report consisted of exactly one: Native Dancer, a lovely collaboration with the Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento that was hardly "awash in synthesizers.". [Tragedy of Tony Blair]

(There's these things, they're called synthesizers ...). [MetaFilter]

The answer is that it's a fantastically unhinged mix of speeded-up krautrock rhythms, dirty drones and wonky synthesizers, which is at once weird and danceable and very pop; as a case in point,. [NME Features]

MediaBand needs lots of power (the equivalent of seven Macintoshes) and equipment such as synthesizers that add up to a desktop recording studio.. [Give The Idea A 90--If You Can Dance To It]

It features instruments not typically heard in jazz, such as synthesizers and electric guitars and basses.. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

MIDI is an industry standard that allows devices such as synthesizers and computers to communicate with each other.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

In my line of work, they're called "synthesizers" and / or 'search specialists', and the world is full of 'em.. [Cao's Blog]

A few years ago they also sold (for about US$5,000 each) fully digital theremins equipped with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), meaning they could be used as controllers for other sound sources such as synthesizers or samplers-or, conversely, produce sounds when triggered by a keyboard, guitar, or other controller.. [Interesting Thing of the Day]

He provided the example of music, a field he worked in extensively, and the negative reaction of musicians' unions to synthesizers in the 1980s, driven by fears that these working professionals would lose the opportunity to make money.. [Nataly Kelly: Ray Kurzweil on Translation Technology]

Chiptunes (with actual old hardware and trackers) are a good example of this, but note there is nothing "lo-fi" about chiptunes; it's no different than using old synthesizers.. [Video Game Hipsters]

I want Halo and Princess Debut to share a shelf, I want the cooking trainers and the Wii Fits and the Korg synthesizers in the same store as the Resident Evil 4s and the Rock Bands and the Burnouts.. [Kicking The Dog]

So, I started noodling around and got the idea to go over to the board where I have a sampling of all kinds of keyboard sounds from the sixties and seventies--like mellotrons, strings, and synthesizers.. [Mike Ragogna: Yellowcard's Audio Exclusive, Chatting with Pegi Young, Van Hunt and Tommy Keene, Plus PopMarket and Girl Talk's Halloween Playlist]

Trance is a dance sub-genre that typically has a fast beat 135-145 beats per minutes, with melodic synthesizers elements.. [Mike Ragogna: Chatting With Stanley Jordan, Plus Lindsay Buckingham's ...Small Machine, "Pray For Sleep" With The Box Story, and Seven From Stevie]

Now the group's charismatic lead singer Schiavone McGee has come out with a winning solo album that allows him to showcase his own wonderful voice and share his own truths against a musical backdrop that reminds us that synthesizers really can sound big and majestic.. [David Wild: Talk About Pop Music]

JL: Well, when I'm in the studio, I do prefer to use live instruments--I don't use a lot of synthesizers.. [Mike Ragogna: From Graceland To A Galaxy To Further Explorations: Chatting With Jeff Lorber And Eddie Gomez, Plus Paul Simon's Classic Turns 25]

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Vocaloid isn't a general term for all voice synthesizers djdhdkshlsgdkdj


I feel like Thriller is Michael's most "natural" sounding album. The way that album sounds is so fresh, so timeless…


@CBCNews: Corey Hart had the Junos crowd dancing and cheering as he took them back to the days of synthesizers and cassette tapes. https…


Nord Lead Rack 2X Virtual Analogue Synthesizer


Twisted Electrons Acid8 MkII SYNTHESIZER – TB-303 TB-3 8-bit

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  • PronunciationsS IH1 N TH AH0 S AY2 Z ER0 Z
  • Character12
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