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Pronunciations /ˈsɪstəmz/

Definitions and meanings of "Systems"

What do we mean by systems?

A collection of organized things; a whole composed of relationships among its members.

A method or way of organizing or planning.

The government,police and all authority and their laws and structure Urban Dictionary

Something you shouldn't trust Urban Dictionary

System - among many other things - refers to the collective of alters within one body inhabited by multiple people. The context is almost always the highly stigmatized mental disorders D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or O.S.D.D. (Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder) which both share the defining symptom of multiple alternate states of conciousnesses, colloquially referred to as alters or "multiple personalities". These alters often have different memories, abilities, etc. and can be just as different and well-defined as any other people in the world. System refers to the collective of alters within one body. Urban Dictionary

A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole. "the state railway system" synonyms: structure, organization, order, arrangement, complex, apparatus, network Urban Dictionary

When a group of associates are chatting about a fellow worker thats not hip to whats going on. Urban Dictionary

The government, the police, or any other unconquerable authority figure. Urban Dictionary

Social services Urban Dictionary

High powered, premium stereo system in a car, truck or van, capable of large amounts of bass and treble. Urban Dictionary

What needs to be brought down. down with the system, down with society. the fall of the human race is inevitable... let's do it in the most fun way possible. no laws except your own. someone wrongs you, you punish them, in whatever means you feel are right. no age limits on all the shit everyone wnats to do. all of modern technology, without the order, dullness and inequality in society. did you dream of growing up to be a 9-5 worker, living a mediocre life? fuck the system; everyone should get what they deserve, be it good or bad. Urban Dictionary

Can mean a lot of things. Notably: Computer system: A somewhat more technical term for describing a rig, usually including a processor, hard disk, monitor, RAM, cards, etc. A weather system: An area that has an airmass of notably high or low air pressure; can be affected by thermodynamic interactions with the atmosphere, bodies of water, etc. System: In general, anything that unifies more than one thing or organizes them. Eg: healthcare system, etc. System (of a Down): System is often used as an abbreviation for the name of this kick-ass band because you want to save time for discussing how awesome they are. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Systems

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The word "systems" in example sentences

Closed-Circuit: -- A type of retardation coil which is largely used in systems of simultaneous telegraphy and telephony, known as _composite systems_, is shown in Fig. 103. ❋ George Patterson (1910)

Just so it is with respect to the various systems and _systems of systems that compose the universe_. ❋ Leslie Stephen (1868)

Dubbed "Shanghai" and aimed at the high performance workstation and server market, the new CPUs are designed to offer advanced virtualization capabilities-so one processor can, in effect, host several systems, potentially running different operating systems& ... ❋ Unknown (2008)

Given that the most important element in systems is purpose and goals, the big question is: What's the economy for? ❋ Kenny Ausubel (2010)

Now on one side transparency in systems is advocates as lip service while all remain as black boxes. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Some of the harsher critics wonder whether, in a world where so much music gets produced and disseminated, there remains a point to an awards show that recognizes only what sells or what is birthed through the label systems and overplayed on corporate radio. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Your belief that the duplicated molecules go on to become the systems is a faith based initiative driven by your hopes and fears. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Hood has pioneered this type of analysis, which he calls systems biology, over the past decade and led the new research with ❋ Unknown (2009)

The key feature of such systems is that they are inherently unpredictable with respect to the timing and severity of specific events. ❋ Ph.D. Chris Martenson (2010)

[The System] [fuckin] [sux]! ❋ FiendOriginal (2004)

[Andy]: The [moral] of this story is...YOU CAN'T TRUST [THE SYSTEM],MAN! ❋ YO MAMA'S BOOTY HOLE (2012)

"We haven't decided on a [system] name yet" - A system that just recently gained [awareness] of their [plurality] ❋ Liravin (2020)

System ❋ ... Zjdbckdnznsjd (2019)

bill is so [out of it], he's [really not] in [the system] ❋ Freddytoledo (2010)

[Kobe] aint [guilty], he's just a victim of the system. It's the system...they [be out] to get us black people. ❋ Me (2004)

She [grew] [up in] [the system]. ❋ I'm.freaking.awesome (2016)

[With that] system I can [hear you] a [block away]. ❋ Jt (2002)

what to [we need]? [revolution]. who against? [society]. order. governments. the world. ❋ Crap (2004)

[Some guy]: Hey Jim, I just made a new [system] for getting my homework done so I can check all the high-pressure systems on my [expensive] new system, while listening to [System]! ❋ Stephen P (2007)

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What does systems mean?

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