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What does the word tabletop mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word tabletop in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with tabletop and anagrams of tabletop.

Definitions of "tabletop"

  • The flat surface of a table. noun
  • Made or designed for use on the top of a table: a tabletop copier; tabletop art. adjective
  • the flat, horizontal surface of a table noun
  • A fixed item resembling a table, used for performing skateboarding tricks. noun
  • Designed to be used on the top of a table adjective
  • Compact enough that it theoretically could be used on top of a table adjective
  • the top horizontal work surface of a table noun

The word "tabletop" in example sentences

I have to deal with this sort of nonsense in tabletop RPGs and other hobby games.. [How To Address The $5 RE5 Vs. Mode Issue]

(I currently run a local LARP game, Cambridge University Treasure Trap, and have played and run a lot of tabletop too – currently playing a UA online game and running a fairly ‘board-game’ style game of 4e; I consider myself an immersionist as a player and would like to hear how to make it happen more in tabletop …). [On Immersion « Geek Related]

A languid stretch, drumming her fingers on the porcelain tabletop, she asks:. [Lily]

The imposing table also has a fascinating and original design and features a huge round sphere on which the tabletop is placed on.. [Remarkable Kitchen Design, Milan 2010]

Designed by Tobias Berneth and manufactured by Karl Andersson & Söner, the tabletop is just 6 mm thick, and is made in veneers of oak, birch, walnut and white laminate, as well as in black-stained oak.. [Thinner Table wins at Swedish Design Awards]

Although, tabletop is misleading in that they eventually will be thin enough to mount on walls or put pretty much anywhere.. [Microsoft’s Surface : #comments]

Yoj had twice announced her intention to wash every item of laundry in the house, while such good drying weather held, but still had not moved from her chair, languidly tracing letters on the tabletop from the condensation on her glass.. [SKENE: CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT]

It’s interesting – in tabletop gaming I’ve almost always played a healer, but in online gaming I’m almost always DPS.. [Geek confession time «]

I don’t have a problem writing down adventure hooks on a card and giving it to the players if they need help focusing, but turning it into a contract … it damages what tabletop is best at, improvisation and an open dynamic world.. [4e Excerpt: The Quest’s the Thing « Geek Related]

Formtank's 3Fold desk is punched and formed from a single cut sheet of steel (the tabletop is a separate piece).. [Boing Boing]

Inlaid in the center of the tabletop was a checkered playing board, the squares made up of light and dark wood.. [Father Swarat]

Love the look of that, if only the tabletop was a bit deeper it would be perfect.. [Build A Computer Desk From An IKEA Door | Lifehacker Australia]

The mayor and his high command have under-taken elaborate disaster simulations -- so-called tabletop exercises -- for containing a bioterrorism attack, and the huge hospital system seems well prepared.. [The Future Of New York]

Here the tabletop was a slab of polished stone veined in pale shades of gray with a few streaks of white, instead of wood.. [Command Decision]

Now, this morning, we saw a number of those top officials heading in for that so-called tabletop exercise, as it's known.. [CNN Transcript Mar 18, 2006]

A DAY LATER, March 23, the JCS began an exercise called Prominent Hammer, a so-called tabletop paper drill without actual movement of forces.. [Plan of Attack]

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