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The name Talara (tuh-LAIR-uh) means "of the earth". She is undeniably beautiful with a confidence like no other. Were she be a creature of nature, she would be the a flower of the finest design. Everyone wants to be Talara. Urban Dictionary

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The word "talara" in example sentences

PS Mary, Lobitos is about an hour and a half south of Mancora and two hours North of Piura. lobitos is truly a magical place with amazing waves and lovelly sunsets too with some good money it could be a nice resort for surfers and kite surfers a like i lived and stayed in talara many times all the locals are freindly i think security could be an issue but easily resolved and im sure the fishermen could do well as i had some amazin ceviche rite there in the town. theres a school there so u should be teaching the children about conservation and learning them about nature and how to maximise there surroundings plus talara is close with an airport and good coach links to lima. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"[I should] have named [my baby] Talara" [Special] unique ❋ Smurtylurty (2015)

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What does talara mean?

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